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Black Eyed Kids on the Porch

I am sure with the sudden increase in awareness of Black Eyed Kid encounters, that we will see some teens trying to prank or hoax adults into thinking they have seen BEKs on their front porches.  But, there are always some stories that have elements that kids out having fun can’t explain.  With Black Eyed Kid encounters, one of the biggest for me is their psychic abilities.

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This encounter was sent into us by one of the readers of this blog and illustrates the psychic abilities of Black Eyed Kids.  What all else they can do with their minds we may never know!

The black eyed kids came to my door. I was alone in the house, playing guitar when this long knock came to the door. I could see thru the curtain on the door that it was kids, and living in a neighborhood with several families with kids this was nothing out of the ordinary. Yet before I even opened the door I began to feel very wary. I opened it to find two boys, around 10-12, standing on my porch. The Taller boy had knocked, the smaller had been straddling a bike. I found this odd that he was on my porch on his bike. He would have had to carry it up my front steps, and instead of standing beside it, was sitting on it.
At first they kept their heads down, and I asked Hi can I help you? They said they just needed to come in for a minute and it wouldn’t take long. I asked if they were from the neighborhood, and they didn’t answer. It was about this time that I realized something wasn’t right. Much went on before I finally finished my experience with these kids. But I can tell you that doubt, yes, they are real. They are evil by nature and that you do not want them around you, near you or able to touch you.
I still have nightmares, and an awful sense of dread thinking about them and wondering why I had been chosen. My honest belief is that they are demonic. Perhaps a human/Nephilim crossbreed. The entire eye is black, not just the pupil,cornea. Their skin looks white like the belly of a fish.And they smell of sulfur and dirt or death.
They are telepathic as during my encounter I had thought ”Jesus whats happening here?”” And the taller boy looked at me with those black eyes and said,’ you know he isn’t real don’t you’? I believe the reason their are no stories of what happens when people let them into their homes is because those people are no longer here. I also feel that The Loud BOOMS heard globally are connected to these beings arrival and departure. I wont go into any more detail simply because it freaks me out knowing this happened to me and I live wondering if I’m being stalked. Will I be here tomorrow or a prisoner trapped in their dimension tortured for a thousand years or fed on.God only knows and I pray daily for his protection. Its terrifying living day after day with this. If you encounter them, do not open the door – and pray.
God Bless.

That accursed ability to respond to human’s unspoken words is just one piece of evidence to prove that BEKs aren’t just human kids out for kicks.  Other stories seem to indicate that they have the ability to mentally dominate people into doing things, such as open the door for them.

Black Eyed Kids are VERY real and while we have no evidence to prove their intentions, the immense sense of instinctive, dread and fear they inspire in everyone they meet does not point to them having good intentions.

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The more people that know about BEKs, the more reports will get in, and the more we will find out about them.  Most people that encounter Black Eyed Kids think they are alone in encountering them.  If we can get the word out to everyone, then they won’t feel so isolated and we will also get more clues in the BEK puzzle!

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  1. Hi,
    I think BEK are real and are a part of God’s plan for humanity. Not that God sent them but he allowed Satan to manifest himself through those children in order to separate good from bad and frighten people enough so they’re going to look for a Savior or surrender themselves completely to Jesus’ love and protection. I also read testimonies where BEK suck out all goodness and happiness of people. They also convey this tremendous fear and death feeling that reminds me of this bible’s verse (Roman 6:23): “For the wage of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. If they take out soul from people and are able to read minds (forehead), it could be the MARK OF THE BEAST.

    1. Jomaryca my name is Deadeye and I am kind of an expert on the subject of the BEKs and I believe they’re split down the middle what I’m saying in this comment is there are both
      Good BEKs and Bad BEKs. The ones people most report to me are mostly bad BEKs but there are a handful of BEK reports of both fighting over a select victim my friend Chris said he saw two of them one was trying to pull a girl into a portal and another one said the attacking BEK Don’t you dare grab her. Well there you have it not all BEK reports are bad
      Some are good and if anyone dares to shoot me down I WILL find them And SHAVE their heads with a blade

      1. Deadeye is just saying what he saw is that so wrong? And I believe Deadeye cause I was there on the day in question and saw them

  2. If you specifically watch supernatural it will explain to you the reason behind these “black eyed children” a.k.a d e m o n s. Please for your own good, watch and learn! 🙂

      1. All of them. Seasons 1-2 cover demons a lot, along with many other forms of monsters. So do seasons 8-10. The whole show is actually based off of legitimate lore, found all across the world. Demons are easily identified by pitch black eyes, though some have different colours like red or yellow, which is extremely rare. The easiest form of testing to see f someone is a demon is to douse them in holy water. Also, I suggest painting (or drawing) a pentagram under a frequently walked over rug or the welcome mat. Pentagrams are not used in satanism, but are actually a symbol of protection.

  3. Deadeye I’m sorry about my accusing you of being gay I was wrong to shoot you down and I lied about meeting the BEKs I was trying to get some followers on my website like you have on yours I know I can’t erase my vile comment but I hope you’ll reconcile and forgive me

  4. Attention, everyone. I know what the Bek are. This will be difficult for all of you to believe, but there is a complicated history behind all this. Here is the shocker. They existed before anything else did. They come from a time when there were no conscious minds. Their world is vanishing, and it is our fault. For more details, email me at [email protected] and I will fill you in. Thank you.

    1. I would really like to know more about what you know. I was also wondering if you knew 132 what happens if you let them in your house? If you could email me at [email protected] that would be great. 🙂

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