BEK Encounter In The Night

Black Eyed Kid Near Miss

This report of a Black Eyed Kid was sent in by one of our readers that identified himself as Justin

It was about 5 years ago in my senior year of high school. It was a cold winter night in the middle of February. I had gone to go grab some fast food and was on my way back home. My mom and I lived in a gated community at the time, so as I was turning in I spotted this fairly attractive girl. I swiped my key-card on the box to open the gate, and I turned around to get another glimpse of this girl. If I remember correctly, she was wearing a hoodie and jeans. She appeared a little excited as a turned around to take another glimpse of her. She was about 5 feet away from my truck and kept getting a little closer. By the time she got about a foot or two towards my face, I saw her jet black eyes and a feeling of terror that’s absolutely indescribable swept over my body. I immediately floored the gas pedal and got away from this girl. Thankfully the gate had enough time to open for me to fly through it

or I just maybe have ran over it. I still felt frightened by the feeling she gave me for a good 30 minutes. I even struggled to unlock the door to get in the house due to me trembling in fear. I sat down in the house and ate my food while trying to calm down that night.

Could this have just been a kid with blackout lenses, but that sense of terror is a trademark trait of a run in with a BEK.  Was he just lucky and managed to get through the gate before she could start trying to talk her way in?  In any event I’m glad he got away.  One thing is for sure, Justin is sure he had a near miss with a Black Eyed Kid.

I know some people think these stories are all a tale. Mine are NOT! I really saw every bit of this with my own two eyes. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hello Justin My name is Deadeye. And I read your account on the page talking about BEAs and BEKs It must have been a harrowing moment for you. I am leaving my comment as I would like to hear all about your encounters with the BEP
    Black Eyed People

  2. Hi.
    When I was about 12 years old my Mom took my Brother and myself to my Brothers Cubscout meeting, late afternoon/evening….my Dad stayed Home…. Some time later days/months/years, I can’t really remember, my Dad told us of some visitors he had that day while we were gone. We had a female Pitbull at the time who was a very protective family dog, we lived on 10 acres at the very end of a long dirt road in Wa State. A Couple 2 or 3 men came to our house that day out of nowhere, walking up the driveway (no vehicle in sight, and I can’t imagine where they would have parked being a very narrow 1 car road), they were wearing all black and spoke in a monotone very direct manner. They demanded to my Dad to give them what they came for? My Dad had no idea what they were talking about, so he said so…they walked right inside and our dog coward down and whimpered as the man only “looked” at her…? She normally would have barked at strangers and maybe even tried to run at them….she was down like someone scared her so bad with what I do not know, my Dad said it was very strange, and he let them in when normally he would not just invite complete strangers inside. My Dad said they had sunglasses on and all black clothes, pants, t-shirts, etc… He never knew why they came, or what they were looking for either, he also said that they threatened him to never speak of them to anyone….well, it’s been over 25 years since this happened, and my Dad has since passed on 2 years ago… After reading this blog, it brought back this memory.
    Scary stuff….

  3. Justin, I would have freaked out too! Stormer1992, I live in the country and if that happened to me and my dogs didn’t bark At least I am positive my Juliana miniature pig would have attacked them.She hates anybody who sets foot in my house and tries to bite them! I feel totally safe knowing that she would at least protest out loud! Now if she ran and hid I would definitely not know what to do! I would love to hear of more black eyed kids stories from all of you out there who has had the experience. Actually I want to hear about all strange encounters from every body!

    1. Hello Dawn. My name Is Deadeye and I have had so many spiritual encounters with BEP
      Black Eyed People I really don’t know where to begin my first one was In 2011 I was 21 years old I’d just been promoted to the highest position in my Civil War Reenactment regiment. And I went to my meeting with Other Confederate officers and I just departed the meeting and I saw two little kids the oldest one of the two was about 15 the youngest was 10 and unlike most BEK encounters where only one does the talking both spoke at the same time. They asked me if I would help them find their mother’s house. I asked them where she lived. they told me that she lived in a little grey house with smoke billowing out of the chimney. I told them to ask a policeman. They wanted me to show them to their house. Then I saw their eyes solid black but I was surprisingly not terrified I just told them in a firm tone I need to get home And they backed off and I made it home

  4. To me these kids sound like hybrids….mabey part grey as they can infultrate ur mind….be cautious my friends…don’t trust…

  5. Its all complete bull, I have been nearly all states and been in most woods and cities and have never encountered such thing as BEK, have experienced many things,paranormal,ufo,but never kids wpr peoe with black eyes…

    1. Yes me agreed with you because i saw alot of things paranormal and supernatural thing but never heard any thing about BEKs.
      I’m living in iran and i visited most ancient places with strange stories

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