Black Eyed Entity Stalks Man His Whole Life

Black Eyed Kid or Black Eyed Demon?

One of the hard parts about studying the paranormal, is that some entities, while being completely different, may look very similar, including black eyed entities like this one.

This report was filed by a person by the name of Zakk and despite it being a child with black eyes, I’m not filing it under the Black Eyed Kids category.  The primary reason is that Black Eyed Kids tend to be a one off encounter. They either gain access to your life or they don’t.  Additionally, some of the features seem less human like.  Read on and decide for yourself what Zakk has been encountering for his whole life.

Since I was around 5 or 6 years old, I’ve seen a boy who looks to be about 8 years old.  He is pale skinned, and has straight black hair.  He wears a red jacket with black buttons and black pants, and walks around barefoot.  His eyes are completely black, and he has sharp looking teeth.  His fingers look barely too long to be normal.

I see him everywhere I go, no matter where I may be.  I moved around a lot growing up, living in different houses with my parents, and different states with different relatives.  I’m currently enlisted in the army, and I still see him everywhere I end up at.

As a child, I used to talk to him, as he would come closer to me back then.  Once I was about ten, he started to keep his distance and just watch instead of actively talking to me.  One time I was sitting in my bedroom talking to him, and I asked him what he liked to do.  He told me he was a collector, and when I asked him what he liked to collect, he told me to follow him and he would show me.  As I was on my way out the house, my dad asked me where I was going.  I told him I was following my friend, and my dad naturally asked who.  I turned around and he was gone.  He just fucking vanished.

Another time, when I was twelve years old, I was having trouble breathing, so my parents took me to the doctor.  I was diagnosed with pectus excavatum.  My chest sunk inwards, to the point that as a child, I used to pour milk and cereal in the crater in my chest and eat it.  Once I put water and a fish in there and let it swim in circles for a bit to mess with my friends at a sleepover.  Back to the diagnosis, the doctor told me I had less than a year to live.  The crater had compressed one of my lungs to a third the normal size, and was pressing my heart against my spine.  That’s some heavy shit for a twelve year old.  During the entirety of the diagnosis, the kid was in the corner of the room, smiling.  Fucking smiling.

I know this isn’t normal black eyed kid behavior, and there are a lot more instances of him showing up, but it’s mainly during bad or life changing events in my life.  I was just wondering if you could share some insight into what’s going on.  Until last night, I never put more thought into the fact that he said he was a collector and trying to get me to come with him, until read your article.  Every time I see him, I get a feeling that he wants to hurt me.

What Entity Is Stalking Him?

Again, my leaning is that what has been stalking him has not been a Black Eyed Kid.  They aren’t this persistent, and are more direct in their dealings.

In all likelihood, this is some fairly malevolent spirit or demon.  As to what it wants, well, the bit about being a collector seems to explain it all.  My guess is that this is some sort of demonic entity, being that is requiring some form of permission or giving of oneself to it, similar to the way Black Eyed Children demand access to your life.

What are your thoughts on this?  Leave your comments below!

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  1. That is eerie. I created a character that is almost exactly like this called Jack, also known as The Black-Eyed Man. Anyways, since there are a lot of sightings of Black-Eyed Children my thoughts were that they were fathered by a single entity known as The Black-Eyed Man. I’ve only heard of a handful of encounters with such an entity but it’s worth mentioning.

  2. I know of another case like this, it was a demon attachment. This gentleman could be separated from this entity with a ritual that could be performed by a witch or faithful pagan practitioner. They do not require consent to attach, but they do require at least implied consent to stay, the fact hat he picked it up as a child, indicates to me that me may have unintentionally consented to at least the companionship of the entity and now it will need to be made to leave him alone.

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