Steve Boucher describes his encounter with aliens

Steve Boucher alien encounter

As with any alien encounter, anyone can dismiss the Steve Boucher alien abduction account as the works of a fevered imagination since there is no concrete evidence.

If you aren’t familiar with the case, the claim is that Steve Boucher had an alien encounter when he was about 4 years old with his father. Then in his late teens, he and his band-mates were abducted by aliens while driving home.

In the first event, he is riding with his father in a car when a UFO stops them. Steve Boucher describes in the video below, how his father seemed to know the aliens and was not scared of them. He winds up being babysat by an alien while his father did something on board the UFO.

Steve Boucher describes his second encounter in detail when, as a teenager, he and some of his friends are stopped by a UFO and taken onboard a ship to have experiments run on them.

In both cases, the aliens seem friendly and concerned for his well-being. It is curious that alien experiencers have such a wide range of experiences with these entities. These aliens even answered a few questions for him and his friends. His question of if there is a true religion on Earth got the surprising answer of “no.”

Many years later and Steve is active in the UFO community and shares the messages the aliens gave him to the world.  You can keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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