Yowie Pulls Camper From His Tent

I sleep pretty soundly, but I’m pretty sure I’d wake up if an Australian Bigfoot pulled me from my tent. The following account of an Australian Bigfoot, or Yowie, pulling a camper from their tent and then checking them out.  Pretty sure that would be enough to wake me up under any circumstances. Craig R., […]

90 Minutes Of UFO Induced Horror For An Australian Family

Knowles family set out from Perth for Melbourne, in the hope of finding new jobs. Instead, a terrifying and violent 90-minute encounter with a UFO on the Nullarbor Plain left their car in a shambles and threw their lives into chaos.

Albino Extraterrestrials in Australia

A recent MUFON report from Australia states that a man encountered what he describes as a “Very tall man with long white blond hair and very pale skin.”  This sounds very much like some descriptions of the Annunaki.  Are they back to check up on us? The encounter started by the witness observing a bright […]

‘Bright, comet-like’ UFO spotted over Hervey Bay, Australia

UFO or Explainable Phenomenon Over Hervey Bay? The Fraser Coast Chronicle is reporting that an unusual object has been spotted in the skies over Hervey Bay.  Now normally I don’t take much interest in reports like this because they are usually man-made or something explainable.  This one sounds a bit different though. As the story […]

Unidentified Lights Over Cardwell, AU

The Townsville Bulletin is reporting that local businessman Greg Smith and his son watched a pair of orange lights for 15 minutes and are convinced that what they saw  was some sort of UFO.  Was it?  I am guessing it was probably Chinese lanterns or something of that type. The UFOs in question never change […]

Russell Crowe UFO Photos Debunked.

Russell Crowe had a camera set up to photograph bats outside his office in Australia when he got several shots of what he believes is a UFO. He ABSOLUTELY believes it to be a UFO in fact. I have my doubts.

UFO Strike Brings Out Australia’s ‘Men in White’ (Video)

Who was investigating this UFO strike in Australia? A video on YouTube details the events around a UFO strike in the Australian outback.  The witness who wished to remain unnamed not only saw the even take place, but was witness to “Men in White” taking readings and doing other odd things on his property in […]