Russell Crowe UFO photograph

Russell Crowe UFO Photos Debunked.

I think Russell Crowe will be pissed at me!

“UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC’s Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!),” – Russell Crowe

Apparently Russell Crowe had a camera set up to photograph bats outside his office in Australia when he got several shots of what he believes is a UFO.  He ABSOLUTELY believes it to be a UFO in fact.  I have my doubts.

Russell Crowe UFO photograph
Did Russell Crowe accidentally photograph a UFO flying by his office in Australia?

The story behind Russell Crowe’s UFO photos.

“A friend and I set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens. This was a big surprise,” Crowe wrote, according to a story at He then sent his more than 800,000 followers a link to the video, which shows oddly shaped lights apparently hovering over the gardens.

In the 23-second video, photos are shown in a time lapse of a red glowing rectangular object making its way across the sky.  He is also apparently a bit touchy about his opinion that this is genuine!

Sorry Russell, don’t think that is an alien ship!

Technically this is a UFO because it can’t be identified. But alien?  Nope!

Notice that there isn’t just a single light shown in the video.  There is a “reflection” at the bottom of the frames as well.  This screams of a reflection within the camera lens.  The other point is that in the third frame, the “UFO” goes in front of the trees we see in the background.  Note:  I got this wrong, it isn’t a reflection.  See the video below for an explanation!

I would have been more of a believer if the lights had emerged behind the trees, but with them moving in front of them, it makes Russell Crowe’s UFO pretty small if it was flying up there.

Russell Crowe Captures A Sailboat!

I just found this excellent disection of Russell Crowe’s UFO photos.  Turns out that Russell’s UFO is really a series of photographs of a sailboat’s mast as it passes in front of his camera lens.  This excellent video explains the whole thing!

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