1. Jimi X
    April 23, 2014 @ 5:33 pm

    I know about a very similar case which happened to a family (which I know) and some friends. They saw a bright light through trees of the the forest while walking back home at afternoon and they thought it was a car stuck on the mud, and they thought that somebody could need help. When they walked across the field a very angry guy appeared through the bushes shouting in a very strange lenguage but one of the guys tryed to talk to him in different lenguages without any result. His lenguage was more like noise and he seemed so angry. Suddenly this tall strange guy made a gesture and it appeared more than 15 individuals around the field. The family had to run away, but the father of my friend couldn’t move and he was paralized, but his brother took him by his arm to run away from them, and they went back to their home. The next day it appeared red spots on his skin. That individuals look like very pale, white skin, almost 3 meters tall, blue eyes and were dressed with a sort of neoprene. It seemed like they were angry or not very emtional, but I searched around interenet and it seems that they don’t want any human close to their children or family, and they do not trust with people.
    This case has been never published and I find no reason why this family could lie to their friends and the rest of their family. I guess it really happened but it is up on everyone to believe it.


    • Cliff
      April 24, 2014 @ 3:31 pm

      Very interesting encounter. Haven’t heard of one quite like it. Would love to get more details from them.


  2. Jimi X
    April 23, 2014 @ 6:02 pm

    This happened more than 20 years ago in an area from Catalonia called “Torroella” and not in Australia. My grandfather also filmed a UFO in that area many decades ago but I never found the video. They are here, and they are not enemy but they are not very emotional and they don’t like us so much as a friend. I guess they probablly come sometimes to the earth as a service station and they need to control our activities for their own security and their future. The univerese is a very different think than what it is officially told by modrern science. It is only necessary a different point of view to understand many phemnomenas of the nature of universe like quantuum physics, but somebody will allways try for the people to never know how to use such simple concepts or they will allow this to happend progressively. The human society is too big and kahotic for their style of life knowing that they are just like tribes from space.


  3. Silver
    December 27, 2015 @ 7:51 am

    I used to talk to one of them when I was back in the Northern Philippines city called, Zamboanga.


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