Yowie Pulls Camper From His Tent

I sleep pretty soundly, but I’m pretty sure I’d wake up if an Australian Bigfoot pulled me from my tent.

The following account of an Australian Bigfoot, or Yowie, pulling a camper from their tent and then checking them out.  Pretty sure that would be enough to wake me up under any circumstances.

Craig R., a 47-year-old traffic planner and Army reservist, told Cryptozoology News that he was near Waterfall, Sydney, when the incident took place.

“Have never told anyone this for fear of being called an idiot,” he said. “We had hiked along the pipeline trail and had set up camp near Heathcote Creek, and about five of us had piled into this little tent to sleep with me being closest to the opening and my legs were sticking out of the tent,” he added about the alleged sighting, which reportedly took place almost 30 years ago.

It was in the early morning, the Australian says, that he felt being pulled out of the tent.

“I dragged me by the sleeping bag and stirring to half awake, and then going back to sleep outside the tent. I then fully woke up due to the cold and wondered why I was outside the tent. I climbed out of my sleeping bag and looked around.”

That’s when he says he realized the big creature was still there, looking at him.

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Bigfoot Are Curious About Humans

It is pretty clear from their Behavior, Bigfoot are generally curious about us humans.  It would be me assumption that this is especially true for younger ones.  Obviously, this Yowie wasn’t interested in harming Craig, or he would have.  He simply wanted a look at what the funny humans were doing.

It would follow though that some Bigfoot have negative experiences with humans or are territorial, which explains things like the historical account of a Bigfoot killing a trapper or even some of the Missing 411 cases.

What are your thoughts on this?  Post your comment below on why you think Bigfoot, or Yowie in this case,  do things like pull campers from tents.

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