UFO Strike Brings Out Australia’s ‘Men in White’ (Video)

Who was investigating this UFO strike in Australia?

A video on YouTube details the events around a UFO strike in the Australian outback.  The witness who wished to remain unnamed not only saw the even take place, but was witness to “Men in White” taking readings and doing other odd things on his property in the area that the UFO came into contact with the trees/shrubs.

Who was investigating this UFO encounter?

First off, this is private property.  So for these men to refuse to identify themselves seems pretty sketchy to me.  I know if happened here in the states, they might meet with some resistance.  Even in Australia, I don’t think I would go poking around on a person’s land without asking.  There is a lot of places out there to put bodies…

But back to the point, what could they be measuring for, and what would require them to wear protective gear?

Who do you think the Men in White were and what were they looking for?

Who were these guys and what were they looking for?  Leave some comments below with your ideas!

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