The Tuxedo Man phenomenon

The Tuxedo Man

People are seeing strange humanoid entities in tuxedos. Dubbed the Tuxedo Man, these beings seem crazily out of place in their environment or not human in the least.

The first I had heard of this was on a video from Beyond Creepy titled ‘The Tuxedo Man’ | Paranormal Stories.

The reports of the Hat Man were nothing new to me, but this is something altogether different. These are solid entities with definition, that move and interect with their environment, all while wearing a tuxedo sometimes wiht a top hat.

Why any entity would appear to us in formal dress wear is beyond me. In the case of the ones that appear human, it may just be their preferred garb. I can’t help but wonder for the insect and frog creatures in tuxedos he mentions in the video, if it isn’t part of some sort of mental projection.

Could it be that as part of their attempts to cloak or disguise themselves from us that they project an image of what they want us to see. It would only stand to reason that sometimes they would get it horribly wrong.

In any case, I am currently looking for more instances of the Tuxedo Man online and in the literature.

Fishingpro643 posted in response to this video “Both my mother and I have had encounters with this tuxedo man, his face is an awful rotted corpse and his voice is raspy and smells horrid “. Others are seeing whatever this is.

Phantoms and Monsters have one report that vaguely fits the Tuxedo Man pattern. The account goes that some men were deep in the wilds of Mexico in a shack near an abandoned silver mine when they heard footsteps approaching. One of the men grabbed a gun and opened the door to confront whoever was approaching.

The guy was beyond spooked when he saw a super tall unnaturally thin pale man dressed in a tuxedo type outfit standing a few yards away. The stranger wasn’t moving and kept staring at him. As my father’s friend threaten the stranger with his gun from the doorway of the shack, the stranger spoke saying, ” You don’t belong here.” At which point, it started walking towards him.

Phantoms and Monsters

They obviously could have just seen a ghost, but this seems to be something more than that.

Have you encountered the Tuxedo Man?

If you have encountered a creature in a tuxedo? If so, please send us a message and tell us all about it. My suspicion is that this, like many other phenomenon has been experienced by many people who have just not known who to talk to about it.

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  1. Interesting, sounded vampiric however, the grasshopper ? I’m stumped!

    • Yeah, that is a bizarre one. But, strange things happen in this world. I really do wonder if it is something trying to project a familiar image to us and they just fail miserably.

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