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The Haunted Day-Care

What would you do if you found out your child’s day care was haunted?

We recently got a report of a haunted daycare in Virginia from a former worker that for obvious reason wants to stay anonymous. Daycare facilities are supposed to be fun and safe, not be havens for restless spirits.

The first few months of their time there was normal and she helped take care of the three-year-olds. The group she oversaw was small so they only used one of the two rooms assigned for them. The two rooms were separated by child gate.

One day during nap time she heard a soft noise from the right side room that they didn’t use. Turning to look, she saw a ball roll out of the cubbies where the toys are stored and roll towards the back door that leads to the playground. She brushed the event off and continued her work.

A few days later as the children napped, she again heard a small sound, a sort of a whistle from the unused room. Looking over, she saw the door to the playground close of its own accord. This was particularly curious as she didn’t see anyone, and no one should have been in that area.

The assistant director of the daycare was making her rounds to check on the different rooms. When she came by my room, I peeked my head out and asked her to come over because I had something to tell her. When she came by the door, I asked her, “So, the door to the playground just shut. There is no wind and we do not use the right side room.”

She looked at me and nodded, then responded: “It must be Jeremy.”

I had a puzzled look on my face. Who is Jeremy? Was she pulling my leg? I looked to her and bluntly ask, “Who is Jeremy? The ghost kid?”

As I laughed nervously. The assistant director looked serious and responded, “Yes.” That is when weird stuff started to happen during the rest of my time there.

It seems that once a spirit knows you are paying attention, that is ramps up activity. Whether that is out of frustration in attempting to communicate, or some other reason I don’t know, but it seems to be a common pattern.

One day, there was a blue child size cup on top of the cubbies. The cubbies are flat, so the cup could not roll or fall without being physically pushed. When the kids were getting ready to go outside, the blue cup literally flew off the cubbies towards the other teacher in the room. We both saw it. We quickly got the kids ready and went outside.

Another time I was inside the room, fixing and placing stuff on the walls (i.e. posters and other things to make it more school like). The kids were outside playing. I was sitting in the middle of the right room and I asked softly, “Jeremy if you are here, please present me with a sign.” A few seconds later, I heard whispers and giggling come out of the corner. I had goosebumps down my arms because I hadn’t had an experience like this. During times where we had evening meetings (no kids were present), you could hear someone running down the hall and banging on all the walls. Water faucets would turn on at full blast and items would go missing.

This had been going on for quite some time. After confronting the assistant director about it, she was informed that they had previously held a séance in the building itself to attempt to communicate with Jeremy. They had also used a medium to walk the property and find some answers.

In their walk, the medium saw a barn with a woman in period clothing with a little girl waiting outside the barn. I think often times, hauntings are not the result of what has happened in the current building, but what has happened on the grounds the building is built on.

There was enough activity that they had even had trouble with keeping cleaning crews. One crew saw a childlike shadow figure jump off the table one night. It spooked them enough that they fled, leaving all their cleaning supplies out and the vacuums running.

It’s been years since I worked there. I should go visit one day to see if there is anything else. I hope you enjoyed my story. These are real experiences I had, which make me more believe in the unknown.

Have you worked someplace haunted?

Have you worked at a place that is haunted? This entity didn’t seem malicious, but I know that isn’t always the case. Drop us a message and tell us all about what you have experienced!

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  1. That doesn’t sound like the kids were distressed or in any danger – it was just the adults who found it spooky. NOT all ghosts have evil intent.

    1. Well said, MARTE. My wife and I have always been a bit…confused as to why people immediately assume a spirit is negative, harmful, etc. if it hasn’t shown any indications of such. We’ve both seen, and occasionally continue to see, “someone” pass by our bedroom door at night. Never had anything happen, never felt threatened. Don’t know if it’s the previous owner of the house; whoever, we like to think of such things the way Grant from TAPS expressed it: “They’re just people who don’t have bodies anymore.”

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