virtual ghost tours via Amazon Explore

Virtual Ghost Tours Via Amazon

Would you take a ghost tour from your living room?

This morning I just found out that Amazon has a whole Explore section that offers both solo and group tours of various locations.

It seems weird to me, but if you want a tour of a far-flung location and don’t want to actually go there, now you can. This of course got me thinking about what haunted tours they are offering.

Doing a search, as of this writing, I’m coming up with four virtual ghost tours. You can explore Madrid, Prague, Chicago, and Philadelphia. I’m sure that will change over time and I’m seeing other tours that touch on other city’s creepy and haunted past as well.

Call me crazy but I can’t imagine it is the same experience watching a screen, even with a live tour guide, as being in some of those locations yourself.

Granted, there is a good likelihood that I’ll never take an in-person ghost tour in most of these locations, so I can see this being a good substitute.

I do like the fact that some of these tours you can do as a group, so you can get family and friends that aren’t local to you to join in and have some fun.

Is this the state of tourism in the ‘new normal’? I’m hoping not, but for anyone that can’t get to these locations or just doesn’t want to travel, these might make for a fun second best option.

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