woman sexually assaulted by ghost

Woman sexually assaulted by a spirit for two years.

Charlene Smith’s haunting started innocuously enough as they often do but steadily grew in intensity, until the point where she was afraid to sleep in her own home.

After that, for two years, she was molested by a spirit on a regular basis. Over the course of that time she sought the help of ghost hunters, medium, and even the church, but to no avail. Finally, it was the birth of her daughter that finally brought relief from the haunting.

“I was so anxious I was jumping off the walls,” says Charlene.

“For nine months, in which the haunting was at its most intense, I was living in fear of the spirit, I had no idea how it had manifested or what had caused it to invade my home.”

This story has some creepy implications that make even me, more than a bit creeped out.

It starts with the death of her uncle

Prior to the start of Charlene’s haunting, her uncle had died suddenly at the age of 48, in September of 2015 when he had fallen down the stairs.

“The circumstances around his death were traumatic and we struggled as a family. I started lighting candles and asking for a sign from him,” she says.

“It was after this that strange things started happening.

“Objects would move around the house and cupboards started to bang. At first, I thought it was my nan communicating with me, as I see her face in the house sometimes.

It started with tickles

While strange things had been happening for a while, Charlene says that the haunting turned truly disturbing one morning in October of 2015. She was in bed and was awoken by what she thought was her partner getting frisky with her.

She quickly realized that it was something completely different, however, and from there, and for the next 9 months the haunting grew in intensity.

“And I fled from the house twice with the five children I had at the time after a haunting.”

Charlene, pictured with Chardonnay
The face of the ghost captured in a window

The priest made the haunting worse

By April of 2016, Charlene was desperate for answers and solutions, so brought in a priest to help rid her of the spirit, but it only made the matter worse.

“It had made the haunting 10 times worse,” she says. “The kids were also seeing things and feeling spirits brush against them. They were as distressed as I was.

“The first night I fled, it had attacked me in my bedroom. Shadowy arms rained down on me as it scratched and pulled at me. I was terrified and decided to record it on my phone, to prove what was happening.

“I called my mum and sent her the video. She came right away and knocked on the door telling us to get out of the house – so we all rushed out.”

While the haunting started with random touching on Charlene, it soon turned more sexual in nature.

“But when I started to feel tickles against my leg and feel someone touching me in more intimate places, I realized something more sinister was in my home.”

“It started with tickles on my legs. Then the touching became more intimate,” she says. “I couldn’t understand what was happening.”

Bringing in the paranormal experts

Still desperate for answers, Charlene turned to ghost hunters and mediums to find a solution.

By this time she was being attacked at all hours of the day.

“It would grab me as I was walking around the house,” she says.

“It pulled at me and scratched me. It was obsessed with me and continually tried to pull at me and claw at my clothes.

Ghost hunters she brought in verified that Charlene was the focus of the paranormal activity.

“They never picked up any activity until I came into the house. The moment I walked in the door all their machines lit up.”

Some relief was finally found in July 2016, when Charlene brought in a medium that let her know that she was the one causing the ‘spirit’ to manifest.

The thought was that her emotions over the passing of her uncle had in some way attracted this violent spirit or caused it to manifest.

‘Guardian angel’ baby banish the entity

With this new information, Charlene signed up to learn about mediumship and threw herself into meditating alongside her classes.

“It was hard work,” she says. “I went to daily classes and started meditating and working out. I concentrated on myself and keeping positive.”

Still, the hauntings persisted but did decrease in intensity.

“But the hauntings still lingered for two years – although it was nowhere near as bad as it was during the first nine months.”

What finally stopped the haunting was the birth of her daughter, Chardonnay. Her birth in April of 2018 at just 34 weeks, brought the haunting to an end.

“Chardonnay was born six weeks premature,” she says.

“My placenta wasn’t working, and I had to be induced at 34 weeks, but despite everything, she was completely fine.”

As soon as she returned home with her new daughter, everything had changed. The haunting was over.

“I call Chardonnay my guardian angel because she saved us. She is a miracle and is so pure and loving.”

Troubling thoughts on this case

In pondering this case, it is very likely that this aggressive poltergeist activity was purely her own creation. Her emotions and subconscious created this haunting from the negative emotions wrapped up in her Uncle’s death. It is not entirely uncommon for what people perceive as a haunting to actually be some form of self-generated poltergeist activity.

While being the source of your own aggressive haunting is bad, the other option is worse. It could also have been that her uncle had some sexual feelings toward her, and her fixation on him after his death gave his spirit a gateway to manifest. As for the cessation of activity after the birth of her daughter?

Possibly the spirit found a new vessel to reside in. Creepy thought!

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  1. In 1993 I joined the Mormon Church in Illinois and a few months later when I was having great difficulty with some of the more “elite” members one Sunday I was standing in the foyer waiting my turn to exit to go home a lady wearing a Temple dress was suddenly in front of me. I stuck out my hand to shake hers as she seemed so real. She didn’t respond in kind so I just politely stood by and she said, “The regular people of the Church are good but the leadership is not.” Then she just wasn’t there anymore. 18 years later I got married to a lady from Utah and moved to that state to be with her. Her family didn’t take to me and neither did many women of that Church Ward. I had also discovered that my wife’s preschool grandchildren were being molested by their stepfather and when I attempted to get them help from the sheriff the deputies verbally assaulted me and threatened to arrest me for lying. I later found out that the guy I turned in was a friend of the two deputies and were trying to get him a position at the sheriff department. In a couple of months under the same circumstances as above again as I was departing from the Church to go home the same ghost that I had seen 18 years prior appeared and told me the same exact thing, “The regular people are good but the leaders are not.” I got ever deeper into trying to get my wife’s grandchildren some help for their bizzare abuse which generated more animosity toward me buy the Church members as by then I discovered the county judge was involved molesting these children along with his partner in crime the stepfather and they were also making the children available to some Satanists who had been members, as Mormons, so I got into more dislike with these people. Apparently the ghost, in her way, was trying to warn me. Things got so heated that I divorced my wife and left Utah. But I feel so bad that I was unable to help those children as I hear they are still being abused and picked on in school with no one in that strongly Satanic community coming to their aid.

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