1. Woman sexually assaulted by a spirit for two years. - MadMadViking
    September 22, 2021 @ 10:26 pm

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  2. Stephen Miller
    September 25, 2021 @ 1:12 pm

    In 1993 I joined the Mormon Church in Illinois and a few months later when I was having great difficulty with some of the more “elite” members one Sunday I was standing in the foyer waiting my turn to exit to go home a lady wearing a Temple dress was suddenly in front of me. I stuck out my hand to shake hers as she seemed so real. She didn’t respond in kind so I just politely stood by and she said, “The regular people of the Church are good but the leadership is not.” Then she just wasn’t there anymore. 18 years later I got married to a lady from Utah and moved to that state to be with her. Her family didn’t take to me and neither did many women of that Church Ward. I had also discovered that my wife’s preschool grandchildren were being molested by their stepfather and when I attempted to get them help from the sheriff the deputies verbally assaulted me and threatened to arrest me for lying. I later found out that the guy I turned in was a friend of the two deputies and were trying to get him a position at the sheriff department. In a couple of months under the same circumstances as above again as I was departing from the Church to go home the same ghost that I had seen 18 years prior appeared and told me the same exact thing, “The regular people are good but the leaders are not.” I got ever deeper into trying to get my wife’s grandchildren some help for their bizzare abuse which generated more animosity toward me buy the Church members as by then I discovered the county judge was involved molesting these children along with his partner in crime the stepfather and they were also making the children available to some Satanists who had been members, as Mormons, so I got into more dislike with these people. Apparently the ghost, in her way, was trying to warn me. Things got so heated that I divorced my wife and left Utah. But I feel so bad that I was unable to help those children as I hear they are still being abused and picked on in school with no one in that strongly Satanic community coming to their aid.


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