Are black eyed children real

Are Black Eyed Children real?

Black Eyed Kids are super scary but are BEKs real?

Readers of our Black Eyed Children reports all have a common question. They want to know if Black Eyed Children real?

Currently, like virtually all paranormal phenomena, there is no hard evidence for the existence of Black Eyed Children. That being said, one has to consider that there are a considerable number of reports of encounters with them, making it unlikely that every single one is a work of fiction. Below are some arguments for and against BEKs being real as well as links to some encounters with them.

Origin of Black Eyed Children

The original report of Black Eyed Children is the Brian Bethel’s initial BEK report back in the late 90s.  His report of a couple of creepy kids trying to get him to give them a ride opened the floodgates to other Black Eyed Kid reports.

Previous to this there seem to be some accounts here and there of encounters with entities that have solid black eyes, but few fit the classic BEK profile.

Black Eyed Children misidentified

Many of the reports that I read of encounters with Black Eyed Children are most likely a misidentification of another phenomenon. BEKs by definition are solid tangible creatures that are seeking to gain entry into your world in some fashion. By this definition, the reports of black-eyed entities appearing in people’s homes are likely some other type of entity.

Most of the reports of these types of creatures are more likely Shadow People or some other type of spirit or demonic entity.

A lack of physical proof for Black Eyed Children

The prime argument in the case against Black Eyed Children being real is the complete lack of physical evidence. This is a common problem with most paranormal phenomenon. In his video on Black Eyed Kids, Bill of BillsChannel on Youtube declares that Black Eyed Children are fake because his team of “researchers” have determined that there is no physical evidence for them.

Photo of Black Eyed Kid

We have scores of eyewitness accounts and of course stories repeated across the entire length of the Internet. But to date we have no physical proof. The closest we have to photos of Black Eyed Children are photos from a doorbell camera posted by Reddit user FatNDepressed. These are still up for debate and are likely just a vagrant.

One reason that we have a lack of proof is that in actual BEK encounters, often people report electrical disturbances and security camera malfunctions.

Lack of proof doesn’t mean BEKs aren’t real

A lack of evidence is no reason to believe that Black Eyed Children aren’t real. Millions of people believe in religions and there is no evidence that any of these writings are proof of paranormal activities. We just choose to believe in them.

People that write in about their experiences are generally very sincere and have encountered something that has impacted their lives. Can we dismiss an individual’s account simply because it doesn’t fit our world view?

While we at Pararaional aren’t so naive as to believe that some or even most of the Black Eyed Children reports are works of fiction, if even a few of them are real, that is enough to make this something to pay attention to.

People’ Encounters With Black Eyed Kids

Final decision on if Black Eyed Kids are real

As far as we are concerned, there are entities that we could call Black Eyed Kids. While some are other entities that get identified as BEK and other stories are clearly fabrications, some reports seem genuine enough to warrant our belief in them.

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