Photo of Black Eyed Kid

/u/FatNDepressed Black Eyed Children Photo

Photo of Black Eyed Kid

In August of 2017, Reddit user FatNDepressed  got multiple alerts on his phone that something was triggering the motion sensor on his doorbell camera.  If you aren’t familiar with these, they are a doorbell with an automatic sensor in it that detects motion and starts taking photos.   What he saw when he checked the photos he took is shocking.

He posted the photo of what appears to be a Black Eyed Kid at his door.  The reaction from the other Redditors was intense. It was enough that a while later he posted this follow-up.

“For all of the PM’s and comments regarding if I am alive, yes, I am. I have been very busy with a wide spectrum of things in life. Visitor never returned thankfully. Thank you, everyone, who checked on a strangers well being.”

As further evidence, he posted the screen capture of the alerts sent to his phone from his doorbell. Someone or something had been making regular visits to his door in the middle of the night. The question is what.

Continuing on FatNDepressed added “Yes, this was real. Basically, i kept getting notifications on my app that my doorbell detected a visitor, yet when i checked the first few times nothing appeared, and figured it was maybe a stray dog or someone on the sidewalk being detected by the sensor. Several notifications later i checked again and this is what appeared. Yes I am alive”

Of course, with any photo like this, there was, and is much speculation. It most definitely appears to be a solid being, but with strange features. The most common explanation is that it was someone wearing a mask and holding something behind its back perhapse concealing a weapon.

My question is if someone was casing a home to burglarize it, why would they approach the front door multiple times over several days, only getting close enough to be captured by the camera once. That doesn’t make any sense.

Another Creepy BEK Encounter in the Night

In any event, FatNDepressed survived the encounter and the entity apparently never came back. This leaves us wondering if he actually got a photo of a Black Eyed Kid or someone creepy stalking his home.

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  1. Could it be someone really high and wandering around? My husband is a police officer and I work at our county jail. Often, there are scary people wandering around peoples’ yards and it turns out that just smoked crack and have no idea what they are doing- wearing strange items (or nothing at all sometimes).

    1. Yeah, that sounds about right. Just some weird chick on drugs, possibly with Waardenburg syndrome, and lots of eye makeup on.

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