Did Bigfoot kill a herd of cattle?

Bigfoot Kills Herd Of Cattle

Would A Bigfoot Kill Cattle?

[pullquote]I found the cows. All of them were shot and ripped apart.[/pullquote]

The question really is if not a Bigfoot,  what could kill a whole herd of cattle and then would have dragged them into a ravine? Do Bigfoot kill cattle?

That is the question that Redditor Sand_Dargon had to deal with on his return from an otherwise routine camping trip.  What follows is his account of finding a whole herd of cattle that had been slaughtered and left to rot.

When I was a teenager, I used to go out camping by myself. I had a spot where I liked that was across a few fences from my Grandparent’s house in the middle of nowhere.

One of the places I cut through was a pasture full of cattle. Around cattle, especially cattle unfamiliar with me, I try to be very careful to not spook them but otherwise cows are pretty easy going. This was about a mile from my Grandparent’s house and probably about two from my destination.


The one time I am thinking of(the last time), I slipped through the fence to find the cattle already freaked out. They were insanely agitated about something I was not aware of, so I stayed well clear of them as I went through the pasture.

I had a good time camping that night and packed up the next morning. As I went back into that pasture, however, there was this ridiculously bad smell. It smelled like a skunk had fought with something in a fertilizer barrel of shit and the barrel broke open. It was awful. I tried to look around for the cows to make sure they were not going to surprise me and I could not find them. They were just gone. There was some brush and trees, though, so I thought they were just out of sight.

I keep walking through the place to get home and the smell is so bad that I set down my stuff at the fence line and decide to investigate.

Well, I found the cows. All of them were shot and ripped apart. Someone had carefully shot them in the head with a bolt gun style thing(or hit them hard enough with a pointy object to bust through their skulls) and eviscerated all of them. They had also drug them all into a little shallow ravine and piled the bodies up. It was horrible.

I hightailed it out of there back to my gear. My stuff was gone. As in, I set it right here on this rock and it is not within eyeshot. A quick glance showed me there was not anything ripped or fallen out, so something(someone) had picked it up while I was 200 yards away for less than 5 minutes.

I think Usain Bolt would not have been able to catch me on the way home. I never heard anything else about those cows and I did not go back to the old camping spot again.

What Killed This Herd Cattle?

Was it a Bigfoot that killed these cattle?  There are only a few options I can think of to explain this event.

A Bigfoot Killed The Cattle

My initial estimation that a Bigfoot is involved is that few things are going to drag cattle into a ravine and tear them apart.  The second reason for suspecting that a bigfoot killed these cattle is the skunk like smell.  This is a very tell tale sign of a Bigfoot being near by.  Lastly is the missing backpack.  What could have snuck in and snagged it without him noticing.

The odd part is how the cattle were killed.  Bashed in the head is not a typical Bigfoot technique.

A Farmer Killed Off His Herd

That a farmer, for some reason, came through and killed off his herd of cattle is the most logical answer to what happened to them.  A farmer would also have a tractor to move the carcasses.  As for the cattle being torn apart, wildlife in the area could have been responsible for that.

A Combination Of Events

One other option is that this is a combination of events. I doubt Bigfoot kills cattle with a blow to the head, so what if a rancher had killed off his cattle, dumped the herd in a ditch and a Bigfoot was hanging around, looking for a free meal.

This option would account for the torn up carcasses as well as the skunk smell. As for the missing camping gear, I suspect that Bigfoot, especially younger ones are curious about us and would have no hesitation in stealing an unattended backpack.

Final Thoughts On Bigfoot Killing Cattle

In researching this post, I tried to find any other accounts that show that  Bigfoot kills cattle, but I came up with very little evidence that they do.  In all likelihood, they do from time to time poach cattle, but I would expect them to snag one at a time and make off with them.

A good example of this is the account of a Yeti stealing Yaks from a Himalayan farmer that was documented by Josh Gates on Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti.  Nice, comparatively dumb farm animals would be much easier to catch than wild game for a Bigfoot (or Yeti)

What is your theory on what happened to these cattle and what stole his pack?  Post your comments below and if you have any other accounts of a Bigfoot killing cattle, but sure to pass them along to us!

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