Where to report a Bigfoot sighting

Report a Bigfoot Sighting

So you have seen a Bigfoot and you want to tell someone about it, but the question is where do you report a Bigfoot sighting.

There are a variety of Bigfoot research sites that will take your Sasquatch sighting report, including the BFRO, a variety of local Bigfoot groups, and of course this website that will take your Bigfoot report. Read on to find a cryptid reporting group that you like!

Tips on Reporting A Bigfoot Sighting

Before you sit down to fill out a form, send and email or make a call to report a Bigfoot, you might want to take a minute to log all the details for yourself. The sooner you do this, the more clear the memories will be in your mind.

  • Where and when and at what time of day did you have your sighting?
  • Who was with you?
  • How long did you see Bigfoot for?
  • What was the creature doing?
  • What exactly did it look like?
    • Hair color and length
    • Eyes, color or shine
    • Height
    • How did it move
  • Did it make any noise or did you notice any smells?
  • Did it leave behind any tracks?

National Bigfoot Reporting Groups

Here at ParaRational.com, we are always happy to take your sightings of Bigfoot or other cryptids. The easiest way is to just send an email detailing everything you saw and experienced to [email protected].

Report Bigfoot Sightings To the BFRO

If you are in the “go big or go home” camp, you can report your Bigfoot or Sasquatch encounter to the BFRO. Arguably the biggest and most well-known Bigfoot research group in the country, they have an online form you can fill out. After that, they may be in contact to get more details or to set up a time to come investigate your sighting.

Local Bigfoot Research Groups

As I find them, I’ll add to this list of local groups that you can submit Bigfoot sightings too.

Washington State

Olympic Project – Focused on the Olympic Peninsula

Washington Sasquatch Research Team (WASRT)


Idaho Bigfooters:Research and Bigfoot Sightings – Facebook Group

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  1. “The Night That I saw Flintville’s Bigfoot”
    by Ray Steelman

    Many years ago, I had an experience that, even now, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. You would think that the exact date and time of an event that impressive would be deeply branded into the deep furrows of my brain. The truth is, I don’t remember the exact date that the incident described below made me jump to my feet, grab my shotgun, while my heart was beating like a bass drum at the Super Bowl. Thinking back about the events that were happening in my life at the time, I have narrowed it down to sometime between 1971 and 1975. Be that as I may, the time that it happened is not as important as the fact that it certainly happened. Yes, it happened as surely as God reigns in heaven and I remember the event as distinct and clearly as if it were yesterday.

    At the time I was living near Corder’s Cross Roads, a tiny village half way between Flintville and Kelso, Tennessee. Being an avid hunter, I spent a lot of time in the woods and fields hunting rabbit, quail, and dove. That was a time before the coyotes migrated into southern Tennessee and the rabbits and quail were still plentiful. At one time, counting the pups, I simultaneously owned 23 twelve-inch beagle hounds and spent many days hunting the Tennessee hare.

    The biggest threat to the rabbit and quail population were red and grey foxes, and bobcats. Fayetteville, only ten miles or so away, had a furrier who agreed to purchase all of the grey foxes and bobcats that we would bring to him. At that time, red foxes were protected by the state of Tennessee and we were very careful and selective in our harvesting of what we considered predators to our rabbits and quail. We were paid thirty dollars for each animal provided to the furrier if the fur was in usable condition. As part of the deal, the furrier agreed to skin the animals and harvest the hides. All that we were required to do was bring a dead carcass to him. As result of our agreement, many nights we could be found with our fox calls and shotguns in hand working our second job. The fox call’s cry sounded very similar to a wounded and squealing rabbit and was the tool that we used to entice the predators into our game bags.

    Our method of hunting was typically to find a large open field and position ourselves so that our visibility was not restricted in any direction. We would pull our pickup into the center of the field. In the back of the truck, we had several bales of hay and would perch ourselves upon the hay, blow our call and wait for our unsuspecting victims. What we were doing was probably illegal and certainly not very fair to the poor creatures who lost their lives to our desire to put thirty dollars in our greasy-little pockets. We had a red-lens spotlight that we would shine straight up in the air, then slowly bring it down in a circular motion, until we could see the white glow of the predator’s eyes. At times, we would lure the animals to within a few feet of our truck. When that happened a shot would ring out, reverberating and echoing through the Lincoln County hills and hollows. The shot would shatter the night’s peacefulness in every home, and the folks at Flintville and Kelso would know that we were at it again!

    We got to the “expert” level with our fox hunting. The poor creatures could not resist our calls, and some nights we would arrive in Fayetteville with several of our victims draped across our truck bed. A few minutes later we would head for Neville’s Pool Room with a jingle in our pockets. We got so confident in our hunting that we decided to try our luck with the bow and arrow. I purchased a Ben Pearson Cougar recurve bow, and we were ready to test our skills in the dark with a bow and arrow. Aiming the bow in the dark was a challenge but after a while we became fairly good at finding our foxes and notching our bow with another victim. With the 00 buck shot in our shotguns, our actions were close to murder and we thought the the poor creatures at least deserved a fighting chance.

    On one moonless, dark-misty night, one of my hunting buddies and I decided to hunt in a large field near Flintville. We knew that the area held a lot of potential to find both foxes and bobcats. Ten minutes after we arrived, we had three grey foxes in our spotlight. From our perch in the back of the pickup, we were preparing to make some money! Then a strange thing happened. All of a sudden, without any reason, the foxes sprinted away from us and hastily disappeared into the woods that surrounded the field. That had never happened before! Something had spooked them. Then we heard it!

    From the south of the white clover and fescue pasture, running through the brush, was a large creature. A cow maybe, we thought. Maybe someone’s horse got out. We could hear the brush and tree limbs being jerked loose and tossed aside. We could hear the wild Cut-leaf blackberry bushes being trampled under the creature’s feet! We could see that it was purposely circling us. Finally, we saw the dark image of our invader. Although it made as much noise, it was certainly not a cow or horse. We watched its eyes and could see that it was standing erect..like a person. Maybe it was a lost bear transitioning through the area. Maybe the bear was standing on its back legs. The problem was, a bear had not been seen in the Flintville area for decades, maybe a century! “No,” we whispered, “This thing is different.” We could see it darting and dancing, dancing and darting up and down trying to see us. Unlike the foxes, bobcat and deer, this creature’s eyes were glowing bright-bright red! As much as we had hunted, we had never seen any animal in the woods whose eyes reflected a deep, bright red aggressive color.

    Cautiously, we decided to have some fun. We toyed with it by blowing our fox call. Each time that the call was blown, the creature would get very agitated and excited. We quickly dropped our bow and grabbed our shotguns, just in case! The truck bed dipped, screeched and moaned as we excitedly jumped to our feet. The creature quickly meandered from leg to leg, shifting its weight and became more aggressive in movement. It would step in our direction then back again in a kind of two-step maneuver that made us gasp, being instantaneously unsure of our futures. In its darting back and forth, it remained hidden in the brush, and was always careful not to expose itself. It projected an intelligence that conveyed to us that, unlike the foxes and bobcats, it would not calmly meander into shotgun range and quickly end up in the back of our pickup and on its way to the furrier. It appeared to be standing upright and, although it was hard to determine in the pitch dark of the night, it seemed to be taller than us. In later discussions, we concluded that it stood upright and stood approximately seven or eight feet tall. Of course, in the excitement of the moment, and the shortness of breath, maybe we missed our estimation by a foot or so.

    We watched it for maybe five or six minutes as it continued to circle us being very careful to remain hidden in the brush. It circled our truck until it got downwind of us and apparently detected our scent. Once that happened, it retreated along the exact path that brought it to us, except at a much faster pace. It was now noisily crashing through the undergrowth and running at full speed. In a few seconds it was gone. The woods again became very quiet, dark, mysterious and eerie. We said nothing.

    We waited for a while, packed up our guns and headed home. As we drove through the fields and woods that brought us to our secluded hunting spot, our hearts were beating fast. We expected to get a glimpse of our strange creature, but that never happened. We made it home that night but returned other times to that same location, never seeing the creature again.

    Not long after that, the people in the Flintville area were excited! Several residents had encounters with a Bigfoot-type creature. The newspapers all had stories of the sightings and several TV stations from Huntsville, Alabama and Nashville investigated the sightings. The Nashville Tennessean newspaper had many stories that followed carefully the ongoing sightings of the Flintville Monster whose name eventually evolved into Bigfoot.

    Stan Moore, one of the local residents, became the “Bigfoot expert” and sat out aggressively to find it. He found lots of hair, huge footprints and feces, but no Bigfoot. Stan was interviewed on many TV news shows and the newspapers. Over the years, Bigfoot was spotted many times by the people that lived in the Flintville area. One sighting was a recent as 2013. That sighting was in Teal Hollow, only a short distance from the place that we first had our encounter with our Bigfoot.

    On April 26,1976, Bigfoot was simultaneously spotted by several witnesses including, Gary Robertson, Mrs. Jennie Robertson, Deputy Sheriff Homer Davis, Melvin Robertson and Stan Moore. A six-man posse was quickly formed and chased the creature for quite a distance and even shot at it. Although they were sure that they had it this time, the creature managed to escape. Stan and others were convinced that Bigfoot was in the Flintville/Kelso area.

    To this very day, I believe Stan and, I am convinced that our encounter, on that dark misty night sometime in the early seventies, was the first time anyone had seen the Flintville Monster…Flintville’s Bigfoot. We did not keep our story a secret and told anyone who would listen, in deep detail, about our creature and the scary experience many years ago. For 17 years, I taught in the public schools of Fayetteville and Huntland, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama. My students heard my story many times during their journey to educational excellence. In my personal commute through this thing that we call life, I have a written resume of my adventures, victories, failures and downfalls. Within this resume, I list many of my accomplishments and accolades. I list the time that I drove a fastball 440 hundred feet into the centerfield bleachers. I list big accomplishments like finding the golden egg at the community Easter egg hunt. I list my marrying the homecoming queen at Butler High School… And I, with great pride and, without any hesitation, list the time that I saw Flintville’s Bigfoot.

  2. I’m really not sure how to tell this but I definitely know what I saw. I was taking my wife to a medical appointment in Eugene Oregon on Tuesday July 26th from our home in North Bend Oregon. While traveling on Hwy 38 going 60mph, (my wife Judy appeared to be asleep) I drove by mile marker/post 29 at around 9:45 to maybe 10:00 am, there is a small clearing (no trees) on the right-hand side of Hwy, that one can see the Umpqua River. Something caught my eye upriver by possibly 100 yards East of mile post 29 that appeared to be a large man possibly fishing or just staring at the river on the south side of river standing on stone river slab? I looked again through the trees, and that figure was not a man nor was it a tree stump!?! It was a human body type form! It had a shadow next to it that was the same shape reflecting from the water below it on its left side. It was black in color, No neck, over seven foot to not more than eight foot tall. Its arms at the biceps area were as large as my thighs with hands hanging mid-thigh, its chest was at least two foot thick or deeper, its legs were massive possibly more than twice the size of my thighs. It had no waistline to speak of but one solid trunk like I’ve never seen before. The soles of its feet blended in with the color of the rock slab it was standing on just below a dense group of trees just above it. It was black in color similar to our black bears here in Oregon. I can assure you it was no black bear standing on its hind quarters! It definitely had the shape of a very large man with no neck! I didn’t see the face very well due to trees becoming denser and I had to concentrate on my driving due to oncoming traffic and a large chip truck following behind us approximately 900 feet. There was no place to pull off safely to get a better look, but when I slowed down to maybe 50 mph to see better through the trees the figure just turned around and made three large strides into the trees and disappeared. By this time the chip truck was nearly on top of us and I accelerated to keep ahead of the driver. I know what I saw, and it wasn’t a man nor a bear! It definitely was covered in black fur from the top of head to top of feet.
    I felt compelled to report this.

    P.S. In the summer of 1975 while working as a laborer on the Molalla River bridge project, I thought I saw a similar thing but dismissed it as a large black bear. Now I definitely know what it was and what I saw. (I was jack hammering a rock face by the river for rip rap when I saw the creature that looked like a bear near a black berry patch.)

    1. That is some prime Bigfoot territory for sure! Probably the best way to see one, from the safety of your car and a good distance away. LOL

  3. On Wednesday, 10/05/2022 at 5:30 pm My boyfriend and I were biking on the Ghost Town Trail near Black Lick Creek, Nanty Glo Pa. As we were biking we saw this tall black object on the trail, it walked from the trail to the grassy side of the trail. It stood and looked at us and walked away. It was tall, black and the top went to a point. As we were moving, we looked into the woods and we didn’t see anything. We stopped the next day to look for tracks but didn’t see anything.

  4. We didn’t hear any noise or smell anything but we thought it was so cool , exciting etc to see something that most people never get to see. I hope it wasn’t a once in a life time experience. I’m looking forward to going to some seminas to learn more.

  5. august 30 2022 I was grouse hunting a few miles from my home in Pocatello Id. I rode my quad up a mountain where I always get a few grouse but after a few hours not seeing anything I decided to call it quits, heading back down the mountain I heard a lot of branches cracking down in a revine thinking it was just cows i kept on . A short while later a branch on a downed tree caught my attention it was jumping violently I thought squirrel a mile down the dirt road I saw another branch moving thinking it was a grouse I stopped, thats when I noticed movement 15 yards away in a aspin grove, I saw a very large bipedal animal that I thought must be a guy in a gilly suit but it moved another 20 yards and stood behind three trees its chest and arm area was a good 4 ft wide with brownish red hair he looked at me for 10 sec then dropped down and disapeared this was fast i could not believe what I saw .will never hunt there without a big gun again.lifelong dream fofilled!

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