Where to report a Bigfoot sighting

Report a Bigfoot Sighting

So you have seen a Bigfoot and you want to tell someone about it, but the question is where do you report a Bigfoot sighting.

There are a variety of Bigfoot research sites that will take your Sasquatch sighting report, including the BFRO, a variety of local Bigfoot groups, and of course this website that will take your Bigfoot report. Read on to find a cryptid reporting group that you like!

Tips on Reporting A Bigfoot Sighting

Before you sit down to fill out a form, send and email or make a call to report a Bigfoot, you might want to take a minute to log all the details for yourself. The sooner you do this, the more clear the memories will be in your mind.

  • Where and when and at what time of day did you have your sighting?
  • Who was with you?
  • How long did you see Bigfoot for?
  • What was the creature doing?
  • What exactly did it look like?
    • Hair color and length
    • Eyes, color or shine
    • Height
    • How did it move
  • Did it make any noise or did you notice any smells?
  • Did it leave behind any tracks?

National Bigfoot Reporting Groups

Here at ParaRational.com, we are always happy to take your sightings of Bigfoot or other cryptids. The easiest way is to just send an email detailing everything you saw and experienced to [email protected].

Report Bigfoot Sightings To the BFRO

If you are in the “go big or go home” camp, you can report your Bigfoot or Sasquatch encounter to the BFRO. Arguably the biggest and most well-known Bigfoot research group in the country, they have an online form you can fill out. After that, they may be in contact to get more details or to set up a time to come investigate your sighting.

Local Bigfoot Research Groups

As I find them, I’ll add to this list of local groups that you can submit Bigfoot sightings too.

Washington State

Olympic Project – Focused on the Olympic Peninsula

Washington Sasquatch Research Team (WASRT)


Idaho Bigfooters:Research and Bigfoot Sightings – Facebook Group

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