ghost cat video

Ghost Cat Caught On Tape

Can our pets haunt us after they die?

Not all ghosts are human. Some are animals. If you talk to very many pet owners, you will find ones that are sure that they have encountered the ghost of at least one of their pets that have passed on.

Here is a video that supposedly shows a ghost cat. While there was no cat in the residence, care givers were hearing noises and the sounds of a cat meowing at night. Sounds like one of those 9-lives wasn’t ready to move on.

Have you seen the ghost of an animal or pet?

If you have had an experience with a ghost animal or a pet that has passed on, I would really love to hear about it. Currently, I’m putting together people’s accounts for a book on encounters with ghosts pets and I’d love to include your experience.

Just shoot me an email and tell me all about what you have experienced!

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