Slovenian Bigfoot Video

Is This a Bigfoot or a Tree in This Video?

Slovenian Bigfoot How bad can Bigfoot videos be? The “Slovenian Bigfoot Video ” claims to have been shot back in 2005 (if you believe the caption) and supposedly has two Bigfoot in it.

This video suffers from the same problem as UFO photos where people review what they have shot and miraculously see something that they “missed with their own eyes”.  Quite honestly, if you missed it in person, the likelihood that you caught it in a video or photo is pretty low.

In this case the researcher is misidentifying a tree trunk as a Bigfoot standing up, and what to us appears to be a part of a tree stump as a Bigfoot’s head and shoulders.

Crap-ass claims like these are what gives Bigfoot researchers and the whole field in general a bad name!  This “Slovenian Bigfoot Video” is just more of people reviewing video and seeing what they want to see.


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