Squamish BC Bigfoot Video

What Walks Through Deep Snow Like It Is Nothing?

This video shot in British Columbia appears to show something walking along the top of a mountain, through deep snow, as easily as if it was a paved path.  The first reaction to seeing a large, black humanoid hiking fast across a snowy mountain top is that it is Bigfoot.  I am thinking that is exactly what these two hikers caught on video.

What do you think these two hikers caught on video?  Is it a lone Bigfoot heading out across the mountain or a crazy backwoodsman?




  1. Maybe the same thing that they are doing, climbing mountains.It doesn’t look like a Polar bear unless it is a brown one.Very strange! Even stranger is the short sleeves that the man is wearing that is watching the bear!I am not a mountain climber but it sure looks like it is cold up there.

  2. Deadeye says:

    Didn’t really see the tape in question but Ask yourself this Dawn What if this dude is playing a joke? I mean after reading what you said I can honestly say that this video is a hoax

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