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Is there a Bigfoot - UFO and Aliens link?

Missouri Bigfoot and UFO Sighing December, 2012

A rare account links Bigfoot and UFOs in Rich Hill, Missouri. A hunter’s son, armed with a bow, spotted an eight-foot-tall creature shrouded in fog. The creature remained unaware of his presence. Intrigued, a paranormal group investigated the site three days later. They heard footsteps, found faun remains, and witnessed a surreal display of 80+ bright lights, some the size of aspirin. The lights moved rapidly, leaving trails. Filmed for 40 minutes, the lights vanished when filming ceased. This event underscores that stillness and strategic placement may yield the best Bigfoot sightings. Hunters often make such intriguing reports.

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Are Bigfoot hiding in the swamps of the Umatilla Indian Reservation?

Bigfoot Recording from the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Residents of Umatilla Indian Reservation report bone-chilling screams emanating from the wilds. Is Bigfoot hiding in these wetlands? Since November, high-pitched cries and bellowing roars have haunted the area. Marcus Luke, a housing counselor, notes the rugged nature of the community. Even dogs refuse to venture outside. Colleen Chance, a tribal housing authority employee, captured the eerie howls. Some speculate foxes, others a female coyote, or even Sasquatch. The recordings defy conventional animal sounds. Are you brave enough to listen? Share your thoughts on this Umatilla Reservation mystery!

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Utah Bigfoot Photo

Southern Utah Bigfoot Photo

Is this Southern Utah Bigfoot photo the real deal or a clever hoax? Sent in by a listener to 95.9 The Hawk KZHK, it captures a distant, unclear image. Could a surprised Bigfoot be lurking at the water’s edge? With just a still photo, it’s hard to say. Watch the space for updates! Share your thoughts below: is this Utah Bigfoot photo genuine or fake?

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