Is this the decomposed foot of a Bigfoot?

Did these kids discover a Bigfoot’s foot?

Did this decomposed foot come from a Bigfoot? (NOPE!)

Is this the decomposed foot of a Bigfoot?


The news is a buzz with the possibility that two boys on the East Coast have discovered the decomposed remains of a Bigfoot’s foot.  Is it or is it something more mundane like a bear’s foot?

Two young boys from Quincy, Massachusetts have left police and residents baffled with their mysterious and potentially grisly finding.

According to the Patriot Ledger newspaper, “On March 29, Sgt. Steven Leanues picked up what appears to be a decomposed foot that the boys found in the woods off Pantheon Road. Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera sent it to the medical examiner, who determined it is not human, although it appears to have five toes,” Fox News reported.

Tests are still being conducted, but the strange find has locals asking – What has five toes and looks like a foot – but isn’t? Maybe Bigfoot, but more likely a bear.

Odds wise, I am betting this will wind up being a bear’s foot that they found.  But wouldn’t it be awesome if they can pull some DNA and show that it isn’t a human, isn’t a bear and is in actuality an unknown primate!


Turns out is was just a bear after all.  I was hoping, but no luck this time around.

LAKEVILLE — Big foot find isn’t Bigfoot: It’s a bear

Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera said the thought that a Bigfoot could be lurking in the woods did excite some people. Since the 7-inch paw turned up, Alvilhiera has fielded media calls from the “Animal Planet” and as far away as Florida.

Bigfoot, also known as “sasquatch,” is the name given to an ape-like creature that some people believe inhabits forests in North America.

Justin April, 12, and two neighborhood friends got the shock of their lives when they found the big foot on March 29.

His father, David April, said at first it appeared to be human remains and police cordoned off the scene with yellow tape until the medical examiner arrived.

Now Alvilhiera wonders how a decomposed paw landed in the woods off Pantheon Road.

“Somehow we have a deceased bear out there,” he said.

Christopher W Pittman, of Attleboro, who has searched for the mythical Bigfoot for nearly 20 years, said he wasn’t surprised at the finding in Lakeville and has focused his efforts on the so-called Bridgewater Triangle.

“We don’t know what Bigfoot is and we haven’t proven it exists,” Pittman said. “There’s no DNA, we can only guess what it is.”

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