Hibagon Japanese Bigfoot Video Hoax

The Hibagon Japan’s Answer To The Bigfoot

Japanese Bigfoot the HibagonI like good Bigfoot videos, and love laughing at bad Bigfoot videos.  This supposed video of the Japanese Hibagon, their version of the Bigfoot is a pretty laughable hoax.  The video has been making the rounds on the web the last few days and I’m not sure how anyone can seriously say that this is genuine footage of a real cryptid creature.

Here is the original video, take a look and tell me what you think.  Personally it looks like a guy in an ape suit splashing about in the water.

A Pint Sized Japanese Bigfoot?

It is almost too tempting to make jokes about the Japanese making everything smaller including their variety of Bigfoot. The Hibagon is reported to stand about 1.5 meters tall (about 5 ft), weighs an estimated 80 to 90 kilograms (about 180 lbs).   Realistically it would make sense that a Bigfoot variety hiding out in Japan would be smaller considering the reduced range that they can inhabit.

Some Other Higabon Links

There isn’t much written about the Hibagon and there are only a handful of sightings.  Here are a couple of other sites with info on the Hibagon if your interest is piqued and want to explore more.



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  1. It does look like somebody in a fur costume but so far all the Big Foot videos look to me to be hoaxes.It is really easy to get an ape suit I used to have one for my son on Halloween when he was about 12 and if he stood by the water in the woods he looked just like Big Foot. It is funny that the Chinese Big Foot is smaller.Maybe they couldn’t find someone taller to play the part.What does the government want to do to Big Foot once he/she is found? I believe that they will dissect him/her to see how they work! If I had one in my back woods I don’t think that I would report it if it left my pack of dogs alone.Why do we want the government to get their hands on Big Foot? Think about this before reporting anything.

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