Bigfoot Handprint

A Recording of Bigfoot Talking

Has Persistent Work Captured Bigfoot Speech?

Bigfoot Handprint
The hand print of a Bigfoot left on a researcher’s vehicle while they were recording Bigfoot vocalizations and conversations.

If you have spent any time at all doing research on Bigfoot or watched shows about Bigfoot, you have heard Bigfoot vocalizations or at least approximations of what they sound like.  What you may also have heard mention of is Bigfoot language.  They don’t just scream and yell.  Bigfoots seem to have a language and many people report hearing what sounds like people talking in the woods, but can’t make out what they are saying.  This would be a couple Bigfoot talking amongst themselves.

To date, I have heard only a handful of recordings of Bigfoot speech and this is by far the best.  The speech is towards the end of the video but it is worth watching for the other Bigfoot interactions these researchers have with the family of Bigfoot that they have been making friends with.

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  1. I so want to believe this is true, but I’m still so very skeptical.
    But that’s just the way of any sort of paranormal issue, isn’t it? You have to actually HAVE some sort of experience before you really believe! I had my first UFO experience at the age of 10, so I’ve been a believer ever since, and it wasn’t until this past year that I discovered (much to my surprise!) that there really are “ghosts” or “spectors” or “remnants”…whatever they are. They really do exist. So Bigfoot…? Well, I do live in the State of Georgia, where there is a “Bigfoot Preserve” only an hour or so from where I sit to write you this. Maybe a road trip is in order… 🙂

  2. I too am skeptical about Big Foot. I have to have an open mind because I have seen spirits Had Ghosts and a lot of strange happen to me in my life that is hard to explain.If this is a Big Foot and if there is one thing I could say to him would be “Stay hidden and never show yourself! Other wise you will be poked prodded and filmed relentlessly and then dissected to see how you are you!” Also When I am in the woods camping and I hear this with rock throwing and hand prints I am so not sleeping in a tent! In fact I will leave the camera and kick rocks out of there!

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