Bigfoot family sighted in Colorado

Two hunters our scouting deer find more than they expected when they spot not one, but a whole family of Bigfoot crossing a hillside.

Colorado Attic Monster

How Long Was A Monster Living In The Attic? If you found out there was a monster in your attic, how long would you stay there?  Well, a family in Greeley, CO is faced with that decision after coming face to face with an unknown entity in the darked space of their attic.  This may […]

Denver News Station UFO Footage Debate

What are the Denver UFOs filmed by the KDVR news crew? The story about UFOs in Denver has been bouncing around for a while.  It started when a local man caught unidentifiable objects on video that appeared to be taking off and landing in the urban Denver area.  Seems odd to me… A news crew […]