Video of a Cloaked Entity Walking Through the Forest

video of cloaked predator

Video posted to YouTube on May 24, 2020, purports to show a cloaked entity walking through the woods. As is always the case, the video was shot in full potato quality which makes any clear determination nearly impossible. Can someone please just have an iPhone made in the last decade out when they see one […]

Colorado Attic Monster

Moster in a dark attic

How Long Was A Monster Living In The Attic? If you found out there was a monster in your attic, how long would you stay there?  Well, a family in Greeley, CO is faced with that decision after coming face to face with an unknown entity in the darked space of their attic.  This may […]

Denver News Station UFO Footage Debate

video capture of Denver UFO 2012

What are the Denver UFOs filmed by the KDVR news crew? The story about UFOs in Denver has been bouncing around for a while.  It started when a local man caught unidentifiable objects on video that appeared to be taking off and landing in the urban Denver area.  Seems odd to me… A news crew […]