video capture of Denver UFO 2012

Denver News Station UFO Footage Debate

What are the Denver UFOs filmed by the KDVR news crew?

video capture of Denver UFO 2012
What are the UFOs captured by KDVR video cameras in 2012?

The story about UFOs in Denver has been bouncing around for a while.  It started when a local man caught unidentifiable objects on video that appeared to be taking off and landing in the urban Denver area.  Seems odd to me…

A news crew went out to replicate the video and damned if they didn’t.  That is when the debate started to rage about what these objects could be.  Bugs, birds, UFOs, missles, drones, Superman…  The number of suggestions as to what the Denver UFOs are is seemingly endless.

Experts have been called in and the Denver UFOs have been declared not to be aircraft or drones.  Biologists have stated that they aren’t birds and even an etymologist was questioned on if they were insects.  But answers as to what they are, came none.

KDVR Denver UFO Video Followup

Here is the follow up video to the original KDVR news report where they go over what the Denver UFO isn’t.

 So what they is the Denver UFO?

I will still lay my answers on bugs or dust.  The reality is that if that many objects were zooming up and down in the Denver skies, someone would see them.  I can hear the cries of “Unless they are cloaked! ” already.  These objects look organic in their motion to me and their indistinct shape is an artifact of light, lenses and digital photography.

Shine light on an object from an angle close to a lens and it appears much bigger than it is and its motions much more dramatic.

Here is a great discussion on about what the possible answers are.

What is your take on the Denver UFOs?

Chime in with your thoughts on what they Denver UFOs might be.  Seems unlikely they are ETs but I am open to your input!

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