Bigfoot family sighting in Colorado

Bigfoot family sighted in Colorado

Most of the time Bigfoot is spotted one at a time in chance encounters. Sometimes though, someone is lucky enough to spot one at enough distance that they don’t run off, but that you can still get a good look at them. That is exactly what happened with these hunters in 1994 near Hotchkiss, CO.

A couple of hunters were out scouting deer in their truck, when they saw something they weren’t expecting, a whole family of Bigfoot.

My friend and I saw them at the same time. He slammed on the brakes and we bailed from the truck. We both started glassing 2 of the creatures standing in an opening. They turned and started looking at us. That amazed me because of the distance. It was quite a distance away. With the naked eye you could make out the size of the creatures, which – between that and the fact that they were standing up – made us stop. We looked at them about 3 to 5 minutes and then 3 small ones walked out of the draw the parents had come from. They were about half the size of the parents. 

The creatures were jet black and you could see the arms and legs, torso and head. They started moving back to cover when a white pick-up came out on the road below us which was about 75 to 100 yards from where the largest one was. The truck came to an quick stop for 10 to 15 seconds, and then took off like a bat out of hell. The creatures disappeared into the brush. 

BFRO Report

What I like about this report is that this encounter was actually corroborated by a second witness. While the first witnesses were watching the family of Bigfoot, a second vehicle came on the scene. It paused for a few seconds then took off in a hurry. Evidently the BFRO investigator found them and got a statement on what they had seen as well.

What this sighting does is confirm that Bigfoot do move in small family groups. I suspect that the only time you encounter one Bigfoot on their own is when a young male has been pushed out of their family unit to go make their way in the world.

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