New Hampshire cryptid footprint

3 Toed Footprints Found in New Hampshire

What Has Three Toes In New Hampshire?

White Mountain 3 Toed FootprintI have written before about the three toed footprint I found as a kid in North Idaho and in years of looking have found few instances of anything like it.  Three toed footprints seem pretty rare in the cryptozoology world, and I’m sure some are just other prints mashed together and just appear as one print.  Others, like the one I found, confound rational explanation.  Now I get news of a new three toed footprint that has been documented in the woods of New Hampshire.

Recently one of our readers wrote it with this interesting account of finding not one but two three toed footprints in the wilds of the Mount Lafayette National Forest.

white mountain national forest footprintsAfter hiking two days into the forest, they had set up camp and were exploring the area.  It had rained overnight and they had just come into a nearly dry river bed when they found two three toed footprints that look like nothing I’ve seen before.

“We had probably walked about an hour or so out into the woods when we came across a dried out river bed. The prints that are attached are what we saw at the bottom of the river bed. The clear print that shows 3 toes was about 12 feet from the second print. I didn’t think the second print was anything of note but since it was the ONLY other print around the 3 toed one I took a picture of it.”

New Hampshire cryptid footprintThey searched and the area and found only those two prints.  Could they be a “double print” from some creature?  Sure, but I have to say that I grew up in the woods and never saw anything that even resembled such a thing.
Curious as to what could have made these very odd tracks, he reached out to the Bigfoot community.
“I uploaded the pictures to a big foot forum that I poke around on as soon as I got back.  The general consensus was that it may have been a double deer print or the like. My renewed interest is due to speaking with a Co-worker who hunts almost every weekend. He took a look as it had come up in conversation and told me he can say with close to 100% certainty that it is not a deer, beer, fox, etc. While he has 0 belief in Bigfoot or Crypto he is convinced that it is 100% a prank or legitimate unknown animal.”
He notes that their remote location almost assuredly rules out hoaxing due to the slim chance that anyone would find faked tracks.  That leaves either a double track, or some legitimate creature walking along the stream bed.  But what could it be?

I ask our readers for their best input on what could have caused these three toed footprints that have been found in New Hampshire.  Fraud, double print, or crypit?  I’m torn on this one, but it is pretty intriguing that their may be a 3 toed monster roaming our lands.

Update From A Reader

A while back a reader of ours sent in this comment and it deems worth including here.  Obviously he has seen some things that fall into the pararational category.

I’ve known about these things since 1988, they are truly real. I live in Va. and hunted all my life and when I heard a beast that I never heard in my life I pursued it. That’s exactly what the tracks look like here in Va..  I’ve found 17 inch 14 inch 12 inch tracks all having three toes, I’ve heard them speaking to each other in a language that sounds like a record playing backwards. I’ve always been a rough tough hard huntin’, scared of nothing kind of guy before August 18th 1988.  In the last 29 years there’s been times that I’ve been absolutely terrified. I always thought I could shoot one of them in the head and kill it, I was wrong there’s things I’ll never tell cause people can’t even accept the fact there’s something out there we don’t know about, let alone accept the reason why we don’t have a body of one. A lot of hunting buddies that have went with me know and won’t take about it. This is the first time I’ve ever posted anything about my experiences on line or ever to the public. It would take me forever to peck out all of the hunts and events on this computer. I wished I didn’t have this knowledge, Its just been 29 years of people thinking I’m crazy and making fun of me. I cant give this knowledge to anyone and nobody can take it from me. It has been nothing shy of a curse to my life.

We are following up with him in hopes of finding out more details.  If you have seen any three toed footprints or the creatures that made them, be sure to submit a report to us!

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  1. I believe the cryptid known as the Faulk Monster in Arkansas left three-toed prints back when there was a big rush of sightings in the 1970s. Definitely rare but not unheard of.

      1. Cliff I found your findings on this thing very very interesting. But you need to do something about
        Permanent about Godzstr8shooter he’s upsetting the first message forum that you created for good people wanting to learn about the BEKs He’s having a shout out with Peter Peiper’s wife Toni and she’s wearing him down but more to the point he needs to be blocked from all websites permanently!
        Well I think I’ll get back and see how they’re doing

  2. Looks like the Boggy Creek footprint!
    Well, a little….

    Reading the above posts, it looks like I am not the only one who remembers the
    Faulk Monster.

    Double deer print? Nah. Where did the heel print come from, if that was the case? Not bear. Not dog or cat, any size.

  3. i have come across my own weird footprints in the snow last week which i cant explain along with many other hunters i know. have a good pic to prove it just wish i knew how to show it.

  4. There was a monster called Mo Mo that left a3toes print and there is even a cast of it. Saw it on a documentary on the travel channel.

  5. Having closely observed numerous cryptids in New Hampshire forests, I am guessing with some fair amount of insight that you came upon the tracks of a Mothman creature. The Mothman creatures have three toe’s as well as three finger’s. They also have black claws on each toe and finger. They are somewhat timid for the most part and will avoid human contact prefering the forest areas rather then human populated areas.

  6. The docuseries Hellier is all about these three toed creature prints found in Hellier KY.. check it out!!

  7. I’ve seen the same thing in a gully beside my childhood home. I was about 11 or 12. But it was regular human size about a 8 or 9. It had 3 big toes perfectly spaced. Their were 3 tracks. That gully is covered sharp rocks. You can’t walk it barefoot. Lower middle TENNESSEE.

  8. Hi, my name is Mike, living maybe 8 or 9 miles from Mount Lafayette in Twin Mountain NH. Two nights ago I heard a loud bang, at night, on the gable end of our apartment building. I couldn’t tell if it was hitting the deck or building itself. The only animals large enough to make that loud bang were moose (yet no moose tracks) or bear (hibernation time) so as a believer in Sasquatch after what my wife and I experienced in Crawford notch, I’m thinking cryptid? So the next day after the bang we went outside and found a three-toed print near the building! Remember we aren’t far from where your print was found. I have a picture (it’s a snow print). I can send it to you, my contact is [email protected] MikeR in subject line

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