7′ Reptilian Repeatedly Visits Olympia Man’s Home!

What is harassing this man’s home near Olympia, WA?

I had a feeling it was trying to lure me to the door, It was reptilian, it
had eyes similar to the Grey alien everyone talks of but it had scales on its head and its shoulders. It also had bony spike shapes over his skull an all I saw were 3 fingers. It was approx 7 feet tall and looked strong. It just stared directly in my eyes, when I moved, His head moved. when his head turned I saw wrinkles on his neck, his nose was flat an he had no lips, “more like a lizard”

Reptilian Alien at Back doorA man going by John has reported to MUFON that on multiple occasions he has had a reptilian like creature visiting his back door.  Judging from the looks of his back door, I would be beefing that thing up!

He says he doesn’t have a gun, but if something showed up at my door that many nights in a row, I would have gotten one!

John has also been corresponding with the people at Anything UFO and is saying that he has more photos and video to send in and that the encounters haven’t stopped!

I am the John that gave the story, I do live near Olympia, WA. Yes I did have an Alien encounter 3 nights in a row, I may have had another encounter lastnight. Since 3/13/13 I have taken a total of 62 pictures, 1 video, and 1 picture of the craft. What I say is true, I have had several Alien encounters. The three pictures noted above are not very clear, I will email more photos. In one of the photos that I will email, You will see a smaller Alien on the right and you may see the third alien in the middle, he is a different spicies (greys) I did not own a gun, or I would have a trophy! I think I may have been abducted recently also in the past, but I am not ready to tell that story.

If John’s encounters are legit, then I feel for him.  This has got to be a pretty dramatic and unsettling thing to have happening at your home.

Are you in the Olympia area and have seen Reptilians?

It would be great if we could find anyone else in the Olympia area that has seen the same Reptilians (excluding elected representatives ) that John is encountering.  If you have seen something like this, or have something to add to this story, drop a comment below!

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  1. This is a very interesting story but I fear for this guy. Stop by our blog and check out more interesting posts.

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