A 7 Year Olds Account Of Seeing A UFO

7 year olds UFO account
A 7 year old’s account of seeing a UFO up close.

How Honest Are Kids About UFO Sightings?

When it comes to kids being witnesses, the common theme is to discount their testimony because “they lie”, “they imagined it” and a whole host of other reasons.  But is that fair?

 Kids do lie, but usually only to get out of trouble or get something they want.  When it is something like seeing a ghost, Bigfoot or in this case, a UFO, I think kids are generally pretty honest.  This photo was posted on Imgur with the caption I wrote this when I was 7 years old after seeing a UFO…    A whole thread opened up on the subject on r/UFOs/.

When questioned on the sighting, the poster Paititi had this to say:

Yes, I do remember every detail. However, it wasn’t the last time I saw one. About 2-3 years later we were camping in the woods on the slope of the Sierra Nevada in California. There was a small lake nearby and we had to travel to the nearest town to fill our raft with air, as well as put gas in the car. To get to the isolated town would have taken about 40-50 mins round trip (tops). As we (me, my brother and father) were driving up on the lonely stretch of road as we came to a bend in the road, as we drove past I spotted a bright object sitting on the hill. It was metallic like beyond anything I’ve ever seen, almost like a mirror. For what seems only a few seconds it then instantaneously rises 10 feet in the air causing dust and dirt to fling upwards, my father at this point says “look look!”. As the dust settles after another second or so, it then springs upwards into the outer sphere, the only way I can describe how that looked like was like ‘warp speed’ from Star Trek. We were no more than about 20 feet away from the object.

The crazy part was after we got to the town, filled our raft with air and came back to our camp site where my mother was waiting. She asked what took so long, we replied what do you mean we were gone for no more than an hour, she replied “no, you’ve been gone for over 3 hours.” And by that time it was getting dark and it was too late to go swim in the lake.

Are Kids Good UFO Witnesses?

What do you think?  Are kids good witnesses?  Honest accounts like this, to me are very valuable.  It seems like far too often children have their encounters with the paranormal discounted because of their age, when in fact we should be listening closer because their eyes and minds aren’t yet clouded by what they are told is real and what is fantasy.

Are kids good paranormal witnesses?  Leave a comment below or feel free to drop us an email and voice your opinion.

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