Iceland UFO Video

Akureyri Iceland Unidentified Falling Object

Is This Really A UFO Over Iceland?

Recently some footage of a supposed UFO was uploaded to YouTube.  The video is of an unidentified fiery object coming down and landing squarely in the town of Akureyri, Iceland.

Iceland UFO Video
Is this really a UFO descending over Iceland?

The 43-second-clip  shows a fireball suddenly appearing in the sky and heading steadily downwards before vanishing in a populated neighborhood.

According to the uploader Bjarki Mikkelsen, the event took place on 29 September, 2013 and was shot by a live webcam overlooking the city.

Although Mikkelsen himself thinks it might be some sort of a scientific experiment, speculations are rife about the unidentified flying object.

It’s not a helicopter or a plane, clear to see. I have had the opportunity to believe it is a kind of drone. The ball lands in a garden and you can see that it is as if there is a fire in a short time just after it landed or dropped.”

But what is this UFO really?

I am betting that this is just a small meteor coming down over the city and that it burns up quite close to the ground.  I say this primarily because the object moves in a straight line and uniform speed the whole way down and just fades out at the end.   If this had been a solid object of that size, I’m betting someone would have noticed it landing in their yard.

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