alabama UFO sighting

UFO Scans Ground in Alabama

What Was This UFO Scanning For?

This report from the of a MUFON report from Alabama caught my attention this morning.  I take particular interest in sightings where the UFOs are scanning the ground or beaming lights down.  Additionally the lack of any noise rules out conventional aircraft.

alabama UFO sighting
What was this red and white UFO looking for in Alabama?

An Alabama witness at Haleyville reported watching a silent, slow moving object with flashing lights that stopped and hovered over a neighbor’s home while shining “a bright beam of white light” to the ground level beginning about 11:37 p.m. on May 21, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness had just stepped outside when the object was first seen as “very bright red and white flashing lights.”

“This object was not high enough for a plane and there was no noise except crickets,” the witness stated. “It moved slowly and the trees that it passed did not move at all. There was no ring of lights or any other lights on the object as far as I could see.”

The object then stopped over a wooded area near a neighbor’s home.

“A few seconds after it stopped a bright beam of white light appeared, blinding even though I was about a football field distance from it. This spotlight effect lasted for approximately 15-20 seconds and went off as quickly as it had come on.”

As the spotlight went off, the red and white flashing lights returned.

“The object remained hovering for a few seconds and then exited right back the way it came. This is when I really got spooked because I know planes cannot go backwards. I tried watching for it to pass through my line of sight but I never saw it leave. This object moved very slow, and no noise whatsoever, no humming or roaring of engines, no disturbance of the trees or fields, and it went backwards after displaying a spotlight.”


What Are They Up To?

This sounds like a classic encounter with a UFO, but it leaves me pondering what the UFOs are doing when they start shining lights down to the ground.  Are they searching for something, beaming something up or what?

If you have an idea or hypothesis of what this UFO in Alabama might have been doing, post a comment below!

4 thoughts on “UFO Scans Ground in Alabama”

  1. I have seen the same objects nightly sometimes 4 to 5 in the sky at a time at my home in rural atmore Alabama the operate in the pattern described. We also live in a military fly over zone jets flying over like doing practice runs a lot. Go to google earth put in your address and look at area around u see if there are strange almost ‘ crop’ circles nearby there are by my house truly weird

    1. Hi I live in Brewton and me and my son see them every nite they are coming to the ground and hovering 2 foot off the ground in a field by the house wth are they???

  2. Thanks for the picture. I saw one in person like this near Crater Lake, Oregon, around 2010. It hovered silently above the road , nearly touching the road. I followed it at 65mph in an 18whl, till I could not continue and had to decellerate. It copied my speed changes and stopped when I did, but moved over a hill. A shock faced man came in a car from the opposite way. He rolled down his window, but neither of us could speak in our shock. He drove away. I did not see the craft again.

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