Albino Extraterrestrials in Australia

A recent MUFON report from Australia states that a man encountered what he describes as a “Very tall man with long white blond hair and very pale skin.”  This sounds very much like some descriptions of the Annunaki.  Are they back to check up on us?

The encounter started by the witness observing a bright light over the trees not too far from his house that illuminated the area around it.

A few nights ago I was standing on my balcony at around 2:30 to 3 in the morning. I usually go out there around that time each night just to look at the stars for a few minutes before going to bed. That night however, out over the neighbourhood on a foresty mountain just a couple blocks away, I saw this light in the trees. It was a very bright white sort of pulsing glow, not bright in that it was blinding but bright in that it seemed to light the trees like daylight but pulsing really slowly.

i thought it was a bit weird but i kept watching. that mountain has some phone towers at the top but all down the sides is covered in trees and people dont normally go up there as far as i know.

after a couple of minutes or so a glowing white ball looking thing started to slowly rise above the trees. it was very bright but not blinding like the sun or anything, more like the light coming off it lit up the treetops all around it but didnt seem to glare in my eyes. the ball sat in the air maybe 10 meters above the top of the trees and just hovered for around 10 seconds before just disappearing. it didnt fly away, it just seemed like a light switch turning off. it just disappeared.

Acting quite bravely, the man actually went out to see what the light was and was completely shocked at what he found.

I got in my car and drove around the block down to where the forest starts and I got out and walked into the forest. I couldn’t hear anything but I could see the general direction which the light was coming from.

I followed it until another of those balls came into view. I was probably about 30m away when I could suddenly see silhouettes walking around past the ball up ahead. I tried to get closer but I couldn’t will myself to move. A really kind sounding voice from behind me said “do not be afraid” and then suddenly I was able to move again which caused me to fall face first into the ground.

I rolled over and standing over me was a very tall man with long white blond hair and very pale skin wearing what looked like a white onesey, all fluffy looking. he looked like an albino, or like those guys off the second matrix movie who were albinos.

He leaned over and helped me up and that’s when I noticed something really freaky. on either side of his neck was a small but long slit that moved when he breathed. It kinda looked like gills on a fish but it was just one slit on each side. this man helped me up off the ground and lead me over to where this floating ball was.

In addition to the one tall man was a small group of smaller hooded figures that only struck him about chest high. In contrast, he was only about chest high to the albino alien.

…around this ball were several smallish people wearing black hooded robes and holding long metal rods, sort of like a staff or walking stick. They sort of reminded me of grim reapers with a walking stick instead of a scythe.

The man was calming yet he looked really freaky, especially the gill things he had. The hooded people never showed their faces which was pretty scary looking. Made me think it was some sort of satanic cult or something but the tall man was able to paralyze me without touching me at all and I don’t know how he did that.

So the question now is what exactly what race of extraterrestrials did this man encounter in Australia?  I’ll put it you, our good fans to throw out some possible explanations.  What race was this alien, and what is up with the shorter minions.   Sounds reminiscent of the Grey Aliens and their taller and shorter members.

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  1. I know about a very similar case which happened to a family (which I know) and some friends. They saw a bright light through trees of the the forest while walking back home at afternoon and they thought it was a car stuck on the mud, and they thought that somebody could need help. When they walked across the field a very angry guy appeared through the bushes shouting in a very strange lenguage but one of the guys tryed to talk to him in different lenguages without any result. His lenguage was more like noise and he seemed so angry. Suddenly this tall strange guy made a gesture and it appeared more than 15 individuals around the field. The family had to run away, but the father of my friend couldn’t move and he was paralized, but his brother took him by his arm to run away from them, and they went back to their home. The next day it appeared red spots on his skin. That individuals look like very pale, white skin, almost 3 meters tall, blue eyes and were dressed with a sort of neoprene. It seemed like they were angry or not very emtional, but I searched around interenet and it seems that they don’t want any human close to their children or family, and they do not trust with people.
    This case has been never published and I find no reason why this family could lie to their friends and the rest of their family. I guess it really happened but it is up on everyone to believe it.

  2. This happened more than 20 years ago in an area from Catalonia called “Torroella” and not in Australia. My grandfather also filmed a UFO in that area many decades ago but I never found the video. They are here, and they are not enemy but they are not very emotional and they don’t like us so much as a friend. I guess they probablly come sometimes to the earth as a service station and they need to control our activities for their own security and their future. The univerese is a very different think than what it is officially told by modrern science. It is only necessary a different point of view to understand many phemnomenas of the nature of universe like quantuum physics, but somebody will allways try for the people to never know how to use such simple concepts or they will allow this to happend progressively. The human society is too big and kahotic for their style of life knowing that they are just like tribes from space.

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