Broome Australia UFO video

Australian police post UFO video

Broome police in Australia posted video of what they think may have been a UFO. The video was shot on February 16th, 2019 after a thunderstorm.

The UFO video posted to Twitter caused a bit of a stir. UFO researchers love getting reports from law enforcement officers as they are exceptionally credible and trained observers. That being said, I can’t help but thing that the Broome police department weren’t having some fun when they posted this video as it is pretty obvious what we are seeing in this video.
Breakdown of the Broome police UFO video

This case stands in definite contrast to the many actual UFOs reported by law enforcement officers.

Are you a LEO that has seen a UFO?

We are currently collecting reports from law enforcement officers that have seen a UFO or aliens for upcoming videos and book. If you have had such an encounter, we would love to hear about it. Because of the nature of such encounters we can absolutely keep your information private.

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