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Black Eyed Kids Harass New Homeowner

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The only thing that strikes me as unusual about this story is that the BEKs were not very demanding.  Usually they are very insistent on gaining entry.  Could the fact that she was there with her daughter have thrown them off?  It is possible that they can’t effectively dominate more than  one person at a time and decided it wasn’t worth the work.


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I received the following email on Thursday 1/3/2013 in reference to a recent ‘black-eyed children’ encounter:

Mr. Strickler – I was listening to your radio interview with David Weatherly because I am seeking information concerning black-eyed children. I hope it is OK to direct my concerns directly to you.

I am a widow with a teenage daughter in Casper, Wyoming, an area west of the city near the county airport. The property had been in my husband’s family for many years. I recently purchased an adjacent home and property after the owner passed away. This is where the story actually begins.

I settled on the new property just after Thanksgiving. Since it was purchased ‘as is’ it was fairly inexpensive but requires a lot of work. I hired an auction house to come in and remove the contents for future sale. The auction was scheduled for next week, but there have been a few odd things going when the items were first listed for sale.

I received a phone call from the auctioneer a few weeks ago. He wanted to know if I had any knowledge concerning the contents from the house. I told him that I didn’t know the owner that well but that I did know that he had lived on the property since the 1950s. The auctioneer said that a young woman came into the auction house and told him that the property and contents were stolen and that it belonged to her family in North Dakota. She didn’t give her name but assured him that she had documentation to prove her assertions and that she planned to take legal action if the sale continued. I contacted my attorney and the realtor who verified that the property sale was legal and that there were no prior claims to it.

The young woman, who was described as ‘very plain, thin with long black hair’, has not been heard from since. It was decided that the auction would continue as scheduled.

Then this past Tuesday, New Years Day around noon, someone rang the doorbell. I was in the kitchen and I knew my daughter would answer the door. I heard the door open and the voice of a young girl. My daughter soon yelled loudly ‘Mom, come here’. As I walked down the hallway toward the door I noticed 3 girls standing on the porch. They stood without movement staring directly at me. As I approached, I was shocked when I soon noticed that their eyes were completely black in color. I asked if I could help them. The tallest girl asked if they could come in to talk about the house and property I had recently purchased.

I immediately replied that we were busy and that I would give them the phone number to my attorney if they had any inquiries. They just turned and walked away without saying anything else. Each of the girls had blonde hair and wore heavy winter clothing with boots. They seemed to be in their early teens. I watched as they walked toward the highway and eventually lost sight of them.

Since then we have not been contacted by anyone concerning the property. The auction has been postponed for other reasons and has not been rescheduled. My attorney continues to research the property records for any other information.

I supposed the most important question is – who are these children? Do I need to be concerned? I look forward to your comments. SA

NOTE: I contacted SA by telephone and plan to followup with her. Honestly, there isn’t a lot I can tell her…this phenomena has few answers. I have asked her to document any strange activity and to contact me if needed. These incidents have been increasing according to David Weatherly and Jason Offutt who we interviewed recently. You can listen to the podcasts at BTE – Stitcher Radio or BTE PodoMatic. Lon

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  1. I hope you update this story soon. I’m very curious to know what has happened since then. I’ve been looking into BEK since I found out about them not that long ago, and this story is definitely interesting.

    1. Don’t worry Jess we’re always updating our webpages I would be really stoked if you had some photos or something like that of these BEKs

  2. I came to this place after listening to a radio broadcast about the subject and whether real or not, it’s the stuff of horror stories. Plenty of mystery to it as well. I wonder just what those kids are up to :/

  3. ive heard about these bec.what is there purpose??? and are they some how related to the men in black..clones maybe or something there a website that i can go to to find out more about this..

    1. No they ain’t clones they’re spiritual critters but I only know of ether good or bad BEKs There’s never any middle ground and where’s The doorway to their world??

    2. Hello Daniel My name is Ace and I have an incredible story to share with you
      It happened back in the summer of 2012
      I had just fixed supper for my two younger brother John and Casey
      They were visiting for the weekend before I was supposed to get married
      to my high-school sweetheart Lillian Warren. A big thunderstorm was rolling in and i heard 3 dull taps at my door and I opened the door and said Yes? And there was a little boy who looked like he was about 15 or 16 years old and he asked me if he could come in to escape the fast-approaching storm. And i said sure and this kid was wearing a Richmond gray T-shirt and sky-blue jeans and he smelled of engine oil He said he’d been working on his brother’s car when the storm came upon him I asked him if he wanted take a shower and he said yes sir and I told him to undress and take his time about it. He walked past my room and i was reading The Bible as it was my turn to preach at the church in Manchester Mane. That’s my hometown. I saw the kid and I saw his eyes Solid black. But instead of being afraid of this kid I asked him Everything ok? He wandered what that book I was reading was called. I told him it was a Bible. Then I asked him if he’d ever had a Bible before and he went on to say No. Though he did believe in God he never picked up a Bible. Well he took a 45 minute shower and he changed his clothes Then he sat down with my brothers and me and we ate our supper afterword the boy asked me if I had any other rooms available and I offered my dead bear Tex’s bear cage. I then asked him for his name He told me his name was Hector and I asked Hector if he needed anything else
      and he asked me if I had a chain he could attach to his ankle His mother always did to prevent sleepwalking. Hector then took his shirt off and snuggled-up under the covers. And I asked him what book in The Bible he wanted to hear He wanted to hear Matthew. So I said All right little man this is just for you and after one hour Hector fell asleep and I closed the cage door behind me but I never locked it. The next morning at 6:03AM Hector was wide awake preforming his morning exercises He liked to use the anti-sleepwalking chain as a counterweight for pull-ups. I thought that was weird But Hector left almost as soon as he came Just before he left Hector left he told me that my wife would bare a son
      and that he had been sent by God

  4. At least I can escape Satan’s gay activist here he can’t bother me here as I’m sure Ace himself has done and by the way if Godzstr8shooter really is straight he wouldn’t harbor such vile thoughts as those posted against Deadeye and myself You know he was attacked and he lost his grandma over the summer and right as she died she told him not to get involved in squabbles with other people it was kind of sad when I read deadeye’s post and he’s promised to crucify anyone who dares to threaten him or his family or his wife Katie Davis

    1. Peter I wanted to tell you that the str8shooter such as he is has been dealt with I shot him down and now you don’t have to worry about the retard on the other website

    If you want to say something to me look for me on Black Eyed Children Report from someone who let them in

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