Square UFO Conyers GA

Black square UFO over Conyers, GA

UFO researches struggle to explain a square UFO spotted in the skies of Georgia.

The reports to MUFON state that on January 30th, 2019, a large square UFO moved across the sky slowly despite heavy winds. They also remarked that it didn’t wobble or turn like you would expect a balloon to do under those situations.

It was also described as being as big as a 747. This does seem like an odd video and square or rectangle UFOs are a rare occurrence.

What do you think of this video?

Let us know what you think of this UFO. Is it CGI, a balloon, or an actual UFO? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts on this video.

3 thoughts on “Black square UFO over Conyers, GA”

  1. I saw something very much like this in Conyers on April 16 or `19. It was standing up like a flag and what I could tell is it had a black outline and gray inside. Just found this story since I did not hear of anyone else seeing it. Started researching another siting I had on Saturday 10/8/22 in the same area. This time it looked like a giant flying billboard with several colors but by the time I got to a parking lot so I could view it there was nothing. This is also very strange as we are located in the Northeast Approach corridor of the Atlanta airport so this is very close to the flight path.

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