UFOs seen in Florida February

February Florida UFO Videos

Something strange was going on in skies of Florida in February. Multiple people captured footage of lights in the sky that so far, defy explanation.

The first is was shot from Homestead, FL and is very strange.

The second event was shot from Miami and shows a similar event, with lights moving in a random fashion.  What is interesting in this case is that the witness states that they didn’t just fall, but were seen going up as well.

Before I started recording strange lights they were in straight formation, then they went up straight in the sky, then they made perfect circle then I finally started recording. All of it lasted maybe a min.

If this is accurate, it would eliminate the explanation that this is merely sky divers wearing some sort of illumination.  One other possible explanation would be a series of flares with parachutes, but that seems somewhat unlikely.   It is just exceedingly difficult to determine what these UFOs actually are.


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