Video of UFOs over North Carolina

Fleet of UFOs in North Carolina Caught on Video

A new UFO video posted to YouTube is blowing up in the UFO community. It was shot on the shores of North Carolina and shows what appears to be a cluster of bright lights hanging in the sky over the Atlantic ocean.

Closing on one million views, this video shows 14 lights, remaining apparently motionless in the sky.

“Look nothing in the sky at all, then all of a sudden…Anybody tell me what that is?” A person, reportedly Guy, said in the footage. “We’re in the middle of the ocean, on a ferry, nothing around. Look. Nothing around. No land, no nothing.”

Unfortunately, there is no before or after footage so we don’t know what happened. Many people are wondering why the video cuts out as early as it does. We all would like to know if these orbs moved, fell or just winked out.

As one person pointed out “They could most likely be flares released by the military. Or on the off chance someone had wish lanterns they could be some that were released at a wedding or something.”

There are military bases in the region. The Seymour Johnson Air Force Base spokesperson, 77 miles northeast of Cherry Point, told Fox 10 that no planes from the Air Force base were in the area the day the video was posted online.

Personally I would like a lot more information about what is captured in this video. My guess is that it is something terrestrial in origin. What do you think we are seeing in this video?

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