“Found This Photograph On My Phone, Have No Memory Of Taking It…”

Was This Person Abducted And Have A Photograph To Prove It?

A recent post on Reddit by Killerfishfinger has started a serious debate as to how a mysterious photograph could have shown up on his cell phone.  With no recollection of anything happening or of taking the photograph, rational answers are in short supply!

Photo found on an possible abductees cell phoneThe ‘details’ bit on my phone states this image was taken at 22:51:22  last night (May 26th, 2014) – I am really creeped out because I went to bed about 9:30-10ish last night and can’t remember getting back up! This is the only weird photo on my phone, can anyone help??”

Initial arguments were that it was a photo of something through a window or a funky picture of himself in his bedroom mirror.  In theory a double flash from his phone could account for the two lights, as could the reflections from the double panes of glass in the window.  But those were both discounted after some debate.

Eddie_Hitler – Don’t want to rain on your parade, but could it just be the camera flash from your phone reflecting off the mirror at a strange angle? Is the mirror completely clean and free of smears and smudges?

Poisonstixx – Unless the smudges are in the form of a treeline or he has a mirror hanging outside, I doubt it.

The treeline question was deeply investigated by the people following the thread and after the OP uploaded pics of his front yard, it was determined that the photo was very likely taken there.

Photo Manipulation Of The Killerfishfinger Photograph

Several people took a stab at playing with the lighting levels in his photograph and the details they revealed only raised more question instead of answers.

Original UFO with the Gamma levels adjusted

Lighted photo of ufo
The original mystery photograph with the shot lightened.


UFO with the lighting flare reduced
Who or what is standing below this UFO and what is it they are holding in their hand?

The initial manipulation show a strange figure under the lights.  Several people questioned if it could be the OP and he answered that while he can’t rule it out, he is fairly skinny and doesn’t have that sort of hoody.  The shots also show that the figure is holding something that either is self illuminated or reflecting the lights from above, further deepening the mystery.

Additional manipulations of the photograph rule out that the lights could be from some terrestrially based vehicle like a truck.



Is This UFO Just A Drone?

One theory that was put forth is that this UFO photo is a hoax and that the whole thing is simply a shot of one of his friends with a quadrotor type drone fitted with some insanely bright lights.  I can’t rule that out as impossible, but considering the size of the object, it would have to have been a fairly large drone.

cell phone photo of alien and UFO

Personally, I’m not buying that as an answer.  The lights are too far apart and far too intense for any normal sized civilian drone.  I could be wrong on that though, so if I am, feel free to post in the comments!

There Is Something Odd About The Lights

One poster pointed out that if you analyze the lights, they are pretty funky.

KANNABULL – What really puzzles me is the light itself, to the untrained eye it appears to be a regular light. Average commercial lights often come in different kinds, halogen, sodium, xenon. These are not any of those halogen often creates rings of faint green or orange as does sodium lights. Xenon tube lights are bright blue to purple looking. This light source does have the brightness and wavelength of a xenon but there are other wave lengths as well.  There is an insane amount of color for it being that bright, just thought I would point it out.

Killerfishfinger UFO photograph colors

Another Unsolved UFO Photo

For now this is going to have to remain one of the unsolved and unexplained UFO photos.  The terrifying part of course is that the poster had no memory of the event, and that there is clearly a humanoid figure facing him underneath the object.  Who or what that is, what they were doing there and why he doesn’t remember any of this makes me wonder what percentage of the Earth’s populace has had some sort of visitation, but has no memory of the encounter.

It is a given fact that both aliens and their human agents alike have the technology to alter and erase memories.  Is that what happened here?  Was the poster abducted, tested and release with a wiped memory and his abductors just missed that he snapped a picture of them?  I would say that time will tell, but I’m betting we never solve this one.

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12 thoughts on ““Found This Photograph On My Phone, Have No Memory Of Taking It…””

  1. valerie benson

    I have noticed that there must be a hand held device that ” turns off a person” … they raise their hand and people are immobilized turned off. I think he was taken by someone . just lucked out with the photo oversight. As to who took him that is a whole other matter.

    1. I am thinking you are correct and in pondering my reply to you, it occurred to me that he may have been about to take a picture, then was mesmerized by the person or their device and hit the button on his phone out of reflex, not conscious decision. This would remove taking the photo from the things they would have to erase later, and may be why they didn’t catch that the picture was on his phone. If he had no memory of taking it, they wouldn’t have taking the photo to read and subsequently wouldn’t stop to check his phone and delete pictures.

  2. It looks like car lights to me but I doubt that they are. UFO’s and their “drivers” are quite real. I know (as opposed to believe) this from first hand personal experience. What they are capable of boggles the mind literally. But if it is a UFO, just wait. In my experience, they will be back. Keep examining your pillow for small traces of blood.

  3. I have seen several photographs most people don’t remember capturing. Some kid I know by the name of William Thompson had a pic of an angel coming down from heaven to get his dying father He don’t even remember taking the photo. All he remembers is the angel telling him to take a picture and he did But William said he then woke up in his own bed And his mother was wailing besides his father’s body and he called the mortician and they came and took his father’s body

  4. Awesome article mate. Amazing what it shows when the photo’s color has been tampered with slightly. It looks like the photo was taken from inside his house looking out – can’t be sure though. I wouldn’t sleep for a month if I was him – I’d just sit up and wait for a return!!
    Interesting stuff – a great morning read 🙂

  5. In the final enhanced picture, the figure looks, like a person in a standard issue hazmat uniform, in silhouette. Those suits are made in camouflage, or a generic metallic (somewhat shiny) grey used by civilians and non-combat military personnel. The black line down the middle of what I assume is the head looks like the central head strap on a standard gas mask. This would suggest the figure in silhouette is facing toward the camera. The smaller light in the left (from our perspective) hand is a question. I can think of two possibilities, (1) A light stick/wand low power, or (2) a glass/plastic vial/syringe of liquid, which is refracting the light from the object behind and overhead.

    As far as what the object is, I haven’t got a clue. The apparent relative small size suggests it’s something of terrestrial origin. Might be a helicopter with really bright spot lights. I’d say Mr. Kingfisher stumbled across something he wasn’t supposed to see.

    1. Wow I thought this guy would have been killed by one of these aliens Really good read there Phil Keep em coming

  6. I totally believe ufo’s & aliens are out there & here on earth. We’d be stupid & very conceited to think we are the only living beings in an infinite universe! But as for what I think these lights are…a helicopter. My reason…a few months ago there was a bad wreck in the highway that runs in front my neighborhood. 2 lifestar helicopters had to be flown to the scene. Of course those of us who lived in the neighborhood got as close to the action as we could. We were all taking pics. I got so close to one of the helicopters, the operator told me to stand closer under the tree to keep the debris from the wind at bay. I took so many pics & I tell you, the pics of that lifestar helicopter looks EXACTLY the same as the UFO pic. Especially the brightness of the lights becuz the lights on a lifestar chopper are crazy bright! I swear, a few of my pics are almost an exact match to this UFO. The thing that gets me, if it’s true, is not recalling taking the photo. I hope they do come back, bro!

  7. Helicopters usually have one spot light located under the nose of the craft not two ..ive been up close to military and civilian and never have i seen two spot lights on them

  8. I had the same thing happen to me. I woke up one morning and found a photo much like the one posted above on my phone. No idea how it got there – but soon after I began having a lot of paranormal experiences – Shadow people – Ghosts – and black eyed kids. I moved.

  9. I’ve studied this quite a bit. I believe it is someone in a hoodie standing in the same room behind and a bit back from him. He snapped the photo (maybe testing his flash or for some other reason) and the camera flash was reflected in the window but his friend was also vaguely lit by the reflected flash of the camera. It was bright enough outside that trees were silhouetted enough to be seen. They looked at the photo and said, “This looks like a UFO hovering over you. Let’s post this and see if it will be spread around!” Sorry, but that isn’t an alien nor a hazmat suit. It’s his friend behind him. I’m a believer but also a skeptic.

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