Visit from Aliens Carved Into a Rock Wall in India

Do Footprints in India Commemorate Alien Visitors?

A recent article out of India highlights what appear to be ancient footprints that were carved into a rock wall, accompanied by what appears to be some flying machine or UFO.  Is this how the local people set down, quite litererally in stone, a memory of an alien visitor?  What other reason would they have had to carve these pictures?

According to the Epoch Times, Geologist Nitish Priyadarshi is studying the large footprints in Piska Nagri village, on the outskirts of Ranchi City in Jharkahnd State.

The footprints, which are 30cm long and 12cm wide, look like they were worn by someone in wooden sandals.

Alien footprints in rock in India

Local folklore claims the prints signify the presence of gods landing on site. God-kings of Indian mythology Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana are believed to have spent time in the area in search of Rama’s wife, Sita, says the Epoch Times report.

Mr Priyadarshi said the imprints appeared to have been carved on granite.

“It may have been made by the local people manually at that time in memory of the visitors,” he said. “The footprints and the flying object are on the same piece of rock on each other’s side. Maybe they were engraved to show that the two king gods arrived at the place on a flying object.

footprints rock 2

“Seeing the weathering stage of the foot prints it can be said that the age of the foot prints may be thousands year old.”

“We live in a highly advanced, technical world, but there are nevertheless a great many mysteries all around us. Ancient places and mysterious beings, sunken worlds and cultures, landscapes imbued with symbolism, unexplained apparitions, and unbelievable finds from ancient times-all of these remain mysteries for humankind, despite intense investigations.”

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  1. Through generations the world has evolved many times, and then crashed into ruins, and evolved once again from those ruins. Without alien intervention, human development wouldn’t have progressed so fast. Some even believe that the Indian Gods worshipped by the Aryan race were also actually aliens. It is possible that these civilizations new the aliens, and carved out their symbol on the walls of a cave to let the world remember. Please do check out my blog All About occult for the latest paranormal stuff here:

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