Manitoba UFO Sightings Skyrocket

Are Canadians Crazy or Are UFOs Swarming Canada?

Canadian UFO Sightings on the rise!What do you think the rash of UFO sightings in Manitoba, and in fact over all of Canada are about?  Is it mass hysteria or are aliens probing Canada to be their next playground.

There are so many that even CBCNews is picking up on the story!

An annual UFO survey released this week by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research, shows record-breaking UFO sightings in the province last year. There were 124 in 2012, compared to 81 the year before.

The total number of sightings in Canada for 2012 was 1,981, far exceeding the previous record of 1,004 in 2008.

The paper speculates that part of this increase is the availability in Internet access and people’s ability to contact UFO groups and file reports.

Interestingly enough, even as UFO sightings are on the rise, CBCNews is also reporting that the Canadian government has decided to give up tracking and investigating UFO sightings.

Tracking unidentified flying objects now seems to hold little interest for the Canadian government, according to documents obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Various federal agencies, including Transport Canada, the RCMP and the Department of National Defense, used to track and investigate UFO sightings to some degree, but documents obtained by CBC News suggest those days are over.

It’s now up to civilian volunteers to report what’s going on up in the sky.

Any information on UFO sightings received by the various agencies is passed on to Chris Rutkowski, a civilian science writer who has produced the Canadian UFO survey since 1989.

Seems rather convenient doesn’t it?

Unlike other times when UFO sightings have spiked, there does not seem to be any consistent look to the UFOs that Canadians are seeing.  Some examples of what is being reported are:

  • Feb. 19: 1:56 a.m.
    Ottawa, Ont. — A witness observed an object shaped like a “huge dradle” with red lights. A loud roaring sound was seen while it was in view. It moved smoothly out sight.
  • Feb. 25: 5 p.m.
    Elmira, Ont. — Two witnesses saw two dark objects “shaped like guitar picks” moving silently overhead at an estimated 200 feet high, heading east.
  • Feb. 25: 7 p.m.
    Winnipeg, Man. — Two witnesses observed a flat, disc-shaped object with red lights around its perimeter. As it flew in horizontal flight, it turned on its side and then darted towards the witnesses’ vehicle, then vanished before their eyes when it was within five metres of them.
  • April 7: 7 p.m.
    Saint-Redempteur, Que. — An object composed of three rings in a triangle approached the witnesses while they were driving. It flew overhead and then disappeared. As they drove further, the witnesses felt something touching or poking them, but could not see anything.

Have You Witnessed Any Canadian UFOs?

If you are up in Canada and have seen any of the UFOs that are being spotted everywhere, then drop comment down below and let us know what you have seen!

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