Unexplained lights over Margate

Lights In The Sky Over Margate 9pm 21st June 2014

What Are These Lights Seen In The Skies Near Margate?

Unexplained lights over MargateA video published on June 22nd of 2014 shows a group of glowing lights over the Reculver Park near Margate in the UK.  The question now is what are they?

“I was fishing and saw these Random lights appear and disappear over Reculver, so grabbed my camera and recorded this, the auto focus on my camera kept messing up, which is annoying. Also there was a light wind on this day. they are probably sky lanterns tho? :)” – nathan youngs

Right off I would say that they aren’t the classic Chinese Lanterns that cause so many of these reports.  I rule them out primarily because the lights start high then drop.  My first reaction is that these are some sort of flares being shot off from the parking lot of the park or from just off shore.  As for why someone would do that I couldn’t say.

What Were The Margate Lights?

What do you think the Margate lights are?  Flares? UFOs? I’m up for hearing your explanation or if you have more info on this story.  The video looks pretty real, but what we are seeing in it is the real question.

Post your comments below or send me an email with your ideas on what these lights are.  Don’t forget you can always find us on Twitter at @ParaRational and on FaceBook!

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