Massachusetts UFO Encounter & The Evidence Destroyed

Up Close UFO Encounter

How do you explain this up close Massachusetts UFO encounter and the events that followed?

Imagine yourself driving down a quiet road in during the winter and coming upon a UFO hovering not far off the ground. This Massachusetts UFO encounter would be disturbing enough, but what happened the next day leaves us wondering not only what did he see, but who knew that he saw it?

Early winter 2009. Western Massachusetts. About 7pm.

I was leaving my home to go to a girl’s house. I was driving my truck down the back-half of town past where some of the last remaining farms are. I pulled onto a fairly populated residential street and halfway down the stretch before I turn onto a farm road, I saw something I’ll never forget. It was circular in nature. It had illuminated lights on the bottom in a symmetrical pattern. Unfortunately, time and dust has buried my memory on an absolute certainty of the color of the lights, though I’d like to say they were either the traditional normal “color of light” or red. They weren’t flashing or anything…just illuminated. At least 6 of them maybe more. It was hovering above a house on the side of the road. I’m not very good with distance whatsoever, so for all I know it could have been 100 feet up or 500 feet up. All I know is I slammed on the brakes, jumped out of my truck and stood on the floorboard with my hands on the top of the door, grabbed my old Samsung Gravity phone and took a 30 second video clip of this thing hovering before fear kicked in and I got out of there.

Anyhow, this was back before I really had the concept of backing up a phone on my computer or anything so I figured I’d try to back it up the next day despite being totally miffed about what the fuck I had just seen. Please understand I was about 18 at the time so although this was insane, I was more interested in getting to the girls house and didn’t really have an opinion on UFO’s and things like that except for the dramatized stuff I had seen in X Files and read in books at the local libraries.

At this point we have what appears to be a fairly normal UFO encounter. But what happened next to the evidence of this Massachusetts UFO encounter is far more baffling and far more troubling. It indicates that someone knew that he was there and recorded the UFO.

The next day, I went to work and parked in the parking lot. I put my phone in the cup holder of my truck and went in- I worked in a brick and mortar building with ZERO cell reception as soon as you step in…. a big brutal architecture type of job that no one in their sane mind would ever build today (I know I know…stupid considering the circumstances that I left my phone in the truck. If only I had known how smart it would have been to take it into work and immediately figure out a way to get footage off of my phone).

Anyway, about halfway through my day I remembered I needed to check out that footage again and went out to my truck.

There was my phone, 10 feet away from my truck in the opposite direction that I walk into work, crushed to oblivion, no sim card in the wreckage. My truck was still locked, undisturbed.

I know it sounds like a made up story, but it’s as true as I can recollect and I’ll never forget it. I still wonder what happened there.

Did The MIB’s Destroy The Evidence?

For the witness, this Massachusetts UFO encounter was weird enough, but how do you explain the destruction of his cellphone? If we go by what he says, his phone should have been safe in his truck. It is possible that he had thought he had put it in the truck when he left and dropped it accidentally. But how do you explain it being crushed and the SIM card missing?

It seems like someone knew about his encounter with the UFO and took action to suppress the evidence. We know that in recent years the NSA has been monitoring our phones. Have they been monitoring them back as far as 2007 or did someone have other means of tracking phones in the area?

Whatever the case, it seems pretty clear that someone wanted that footage destroyed.

Have You Seen A UFO?

If you have seen something you can’t explain or had an encounter with aliens, we would love to hear about it. Send us a message with all the details and we will get back to you. The more reports of UFOs and Aliens we get, the more of the puzzle pieces we have and the closer we are to solving the mystery!

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  1. Id appreciate any solid info or intelligence summary on shadow beings.
    We saw one last night on the 11 feb 2020. I though it might have been my wife getting out of bed going to bathroom but she was still next to me in bed. I have 2 dogs they were still asleep.
    I get up to investigate armed cause i suspect an intruder but saw nothing. Nothing on security feed, all points of egress are secure, so i go back to bed watching YouTube coverage on the coronavirus.
    About 35 mins later im about to fall asleep, and i see it again. This time i just ignore it and start to drift off when my Kangal dog goes from a dead sleep to full on attack mode. He chased the being into the living room, and fixated at a spot next to the fireplace and wouldn’t back down.
    Needless to say the entire house was up from about 0230 till dawn. We did an outer perimeter sweep, check security feed, just nothing. We go back inside and the dog goes back to the same spot before growling like he’s gone insane.
    I don’t know what this, but it set my dogs off. Id like to have a link or any solid info that anyone has on the phenomenon.

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