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  1. Tim S
    February 12, 2020 @ 8:05 pm

    Id appreciate any solid info or intelligence summary on shadow beings.
    We saw one last night on the 11 feb 2020. I though it might have been my wife getting out of bed going to bathroom but she was still next to me in bed. I have 2 dogs they were still asleep.
    I get up to investigate armed cause i suspect an intruder but saw nothing. Nothing on security feed, all points of egress are secure, so i go back to bed watching YouTube coverage on the coronavirus.
    About 35 mins later im about to fall asleep, and i see it again. This time i just ignore it and start to drift off when my Kangal dog goes from a dead sleep to full on attack mode. He chased the being into the living room, and fixated at a spot next to the fireplace and wouldn’t back down.
    Needless to say the entire house was up from about 0230 till dawn. We did an outer perimeter sweep, check security feed, just nothing. We go back inside and the dog goes back to the same spot before growling like he’s gone insane.
    I don’t know what this, but it set my dogs off. Id like to have a link or any solid info that anyone has on the phenomenon.


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