MUFON Experts Solve UFO Mystery in Cotulla, TX

The International Business News website is running a story that MUFON has solved the recent spate of UFO sightings in Texas along with the security cam photo of a UFO on the ground near an oil rig.  Here is an excerpt from that article:

MUFON estimated they can explain most of the UFO photographs and video footages that surfaced on YouTube but the remaining evidence motivates the group to offer definite answers. “Probably the fireballs, we’re not real sure what those are. We think they switched over to jet-powered drones,” investigator John Cross stated.

“It really doesn’t display any unusual flight patterns of any kind, and as you watch the video towards the end you can clearly see all three of the beacons on the aircraft,” Cross added.

In another surveillance photo obtained from an oil field, a classic flying saucer was visible landing on the field with its light apparently surrounding it outer covering. However, the MUFON investigator finds the image was caught on a peculiar angle.

Based on his training and expertise on UFOs, John Cross explained the mysterious flying saucer photo. “The saucer object on the security footage may be a time-lapse photo of a vehicle passing by with a blinking turn signal causing the light effect on the UFO,” Cross stated. Read More…

What do you think of MUFON’s explanation of the Texas UFOs?

The idea that the grounded UFO may be a time lapse effect seems plausible, as does the one video of a UFO flaring actually being a military craft.  That leaves quite a few events up in the air so to speak.  Pun partially intended.

What do you make of all this?  Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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