orb of energy spotted over Vancouver

Odd Ball of Energy Spotted in Skies Over Vancouver BC

What Was This Mysterious Orb of Energy?

A Vancouver sky watcher has not just spotted but videotaped a very odd looking energy ball traveling across the skies over the city of Vancouver British Columbia. If you have read any of my previous post you will know I am fairly dubious of random lights moving in straight lines that people claim are UFOs. After watching the video of the subject I cannot so easily claim that it is something of terrestrial origin.

While the video is blurry and shaky, there are several points at which the “object” can be seen relatively clearly and it seems to have wispy tentacle like wings. So the other objects seen in the video are clearly moisture and air and background stars. But what the energy ball is that we see moving across the sky, I do not have a good explanation.

“I was doing my usual sky watch over Vancouver, then I noticed this transparent Orb I sometimes see, but this time it was stopped and was able to focus around with my night vision and wow!” Charles Lamour writes in the comments on the video he posted of this object.

“I hope you can make this out on Youtube but this went right by my 21 story balcony, size hard to determine but if my 5x night vision was able to focus from the distance I was filming could be double the size of basketball.”

This begs the question of what could it be?  At that size it surely isn’t an alien craft, but possibly an alien drone?

Charles goes on to say “this is an intelligent ball of energy, only thing I can call it at this time…going back out because I have seen it a couple of times and now I know how to capture…UFO? or spiritual..”

I am a bit stumped.  Since he is only seeing this with his camera filming in the IR spectrum, we could call it a lens or camera aberration.  It is too bad he can’t see it with his naked eyes, because then would get much more difficult to explain!

What Are Your Thoughts On This Object?

Watch the video of the Vancouver Energy Ball a couple times and let me know what you think we are seeing here.  I am definitely open to some suggestions!

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