UFO over mountains in Canada

Photograph of UFO in Canada

VANCOUVER — On Saturday morning about 10 a.m., Vancouver resident and amateur photographer Anthony Ellis snapped an image of the North Shore Mountain. It wasn’t until he had gotten home and viewed the photo on his personal computer that he found the object hovering over the mountain.

UFO over mountains in Canada
Vancouver photographer Anthony Ellis believes the black object above the North Shore mountains is a flying saucer.
Photograph by: Anthony Ellis

“I was quite surprised,” said Ellis, who believes the object is a UFO.

Ellis says he didn’t alter the photograph in any way, and the black mark does not appear on other pictures taken the same day.

According to the 2012 annual Canadian UFO survey, 1981 Canadians reported sightings of UFOs, a leap of nearly 100 per cent over previous years. Among those, only 7.5 per cent were assessed as without explanation. Ontario residents log the most UFO sightings annually, with B.C. ranking second with 20 per cent of the sightings.

( Manitoba UFO Sightings Jump )

The summer months are usually the peak time for UFO reports. UFO sightings generally peak in spring and summer months.

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