Video capture from a video showing UFOs around a Mexican volcano

May 30th, 2013 Popocatepetl Volcano UFO Video Debunked

New Video of UFO at Popocatepetl Volcano

Video capture from a video showing UFOs around a Mexican volcanoI am still on the fence about all these Volcano UFO Videos that are coming out of Mexico. The latest video of a UFO at a Mexican volcano was shot at Popocatepetl Volcano on May 30th, 2013.  I think I have an answer for this UFO sighting though!

Right off I pretty much always throw out objects that move in a straight line, not changing shape, speed or brightness.  So when I saw this video and witnessed the UFO make a turn and head into/behind the the Popocatepetl Volcano, it got my attention.

This latest UFO video was posted by Michael Morales on YouTube and is titled in Spanish, “UFO Enters the Popocatépetl Volcano.”  His description of the video approximately translates out to:

The images were captured at 20:38 hours of the day Thursday, May 30th and you can witness them as a light moves over the volcano to then turn around and enter the crater.

As I said, I am still pretty skeptical, mainly because there are so many Mexican volcano UFO videos popping up.  Take a look at the video and see what you think

There are Two Possible Explanations for the Popocatepetl Volcano UFO Videos

I am going to throw hoaxes out as a possibility for most of the Mexican UFO videos I have seen, including this one.  Could they be faked or done with CGI?  Absolutely, but I am guessing if anyone was going to go to that much effort, they would do something a little more detailed.

That leaves two possibilities for what researchers are seeing flying into and around these volcano:

  1. UFOs that for some reason are attracted to or are based in volcanos
  2. Mis-identification of a natural phenomenon

Now before you rage on me for playing the natural phenomenon card, let me give you what I think that natural phenomenon is; bugs!

The Mexican UFO Videos Debunked

I can hear the howls now, but trust me, as a believer in UFOs I would like nothing more than for someone to get a good video of an alien space craft.  Here is the thing though, what we are seeing in these videos are balls of lights, not vehicles.  It is my suspicion that there is an IR light source either on or behind the camera they are using and when flying insects fly through that light at just the right distance, it lights them up, the result  of which is what looks like a pulsing orb flying across the screen.

Now I haven’t done a frame  by frame analysis but you can see the orbs pulse as they move which I am assuming to be wing beats.  As the “UFO” turns and heads away from the camera it fades away, apparently in the bowl of the volcano.  But what is most likely happening is that it is simply moving away from the IR light source and fades until it is no longer visible to the camera.

I did a little research and insects do show up on IR video and in fact one source even noted that they are attracted to IR light sources.  The question “Are insects attracted to the IR Illuminators on our IP cams the same way they are attracted to incandescent light bulbs??” was posed on The reply is none too surprising.

Big time. And in general, the IR picks up every little bit of insects that fly by anyways, it just illuminates them like they are rain.

Yes, having these UFOs turn out to be insects does suck, but it makes the most sense to me.

The simple answer is usually the right one, and insects being attracted to IR emitters on the cameras they are using coupled with the complete lack of perspective on their distance makes debunking these UFOs as flying insects the most logical answer.

My escape clause:  I have seen lots of these videos and even I wouldn’t go so far to claim that all of them are flying insects!

Think I am wrong?  Think I am right?  Post a comment below and let me know what your opinion of what we are seeing in the Popocatepetl Volcano UFO Video!

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4 Responses

  1. Insects could make sense, but there are other issues as well.

    1. Those stars in the background move fairly fast.
    2. The “smoke” from the volcano would not move so fast without a sped up video.
    3. We don’t have a proper way to gauge depth, so we don’t know how far away the bright object was – it doesn’t have to be going in to the volcano to look like it does.
    4. The video might be superimposed (which I realize that you mentioned by suggesting CGI etc) – it could be multiple bits of video, with the UFO being another bit of video of the moon (which just happens to be about the same size in the video).

    1. 1) I didn’t see the stars moving in the background. Watched it again, only motion is when the clip loops.

      2) The steam/smoke might rise pretty quick if it were cold and the steam hot. I’ve seen some on the local one moving fairly fast.

      3) Completely agree with you, with no scale it could be the size of a grain of dust or the size of a bus.

      4) Absolutely a possibility. I don’t like how the object fades out at the end of its run.

      1. 1) If you leave your mouse over any of the stars/moon, then you can see that there is movement for the entire clip. Even if you didn’t notice the movement for the entire clip, then it is odd that the volcano (the closer object) is not moving.

        2) The problem with the cooler air hypothesis is that the relative temperature difference wouldn’t be that much between the day and night. If the video was made from time lapse, then it would explain moving stars/moon, and also the “faster” moving steam.

        In any case, I think we agree that there is a more reasonable explanation for the content of the video than a UFO landing in a volcano crater.

        I like your post, and I especially like the skeptical view.

  2. You ignore/bypass the most obvious explanation: the light looks exactly like the sped up flight path of an airliner. The stars and smoke are further clues. Also, knowing this is a very common trick these days with supposed UFO captures, it should be the first thing you dissect. So, let’s test that hypothesis for a second. Does Google Earth reveal that there are any major cities with airports nearby? Hermanos Serdán International Airport in Huejotsingo is one possibility, very nearby. The shape of the volcano’s crown is very specific and a common POV in news report footage, with that dipping side. So it would be easy to figure out what direction the camera was facing and if the airport is in that direction. To confirm, it would theoretically be possible to go to that location on any other night and see if there are flight paths that correspond. One could also backtrack and see if there were flights into that airport on the evening and time this was filmed.

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