Is this dark shape a UFO that has crashed in the antarctic ice?

Researcher Really Wanted To See A UFO In The Arctic

Is This A Crashed UFO In The Antarctic?

  • Researcher claims image seen on Google Earth is crashed UFO
  • Object would be ~230 feet long if it were a UFO

One of the biggest dangers to doing any paranormal research is letting your wants and desires taint your work.  This is the case of a lot of the people that scan photos of Mars for man made shapes, and Google Earth for signs of alien life.  We want to find what we believe is there and will sometimes overlook the reality of a matter to see exactly what we want. The latest “UFO found on Google Earth” story is a great example.

Is this dark shape a UFO that has crashed in the antarctic ice?
Is this dark shape a crashed UFO in the Antarctic?

A researcher by the name of Mr. Degterev was scanning Google Earth images when he found this dark shape in the wastes of the antarctic. The dark spot  measures about 65ft (20 metres) wide and 230ft (70 metres) long – and he claims cannot be explained by anything from this planet.

‘I do not presume to know exactly what it is,’ he said.

Not Everything That Looks Like A UFO Is A UFO

Andrew Fleming from the British Antarctic Survey was not quite as impressed. In face his answer to what is seen in these images is far more mundane. The dark, UFO shaped spot is simply a crevasse in the ground.

‘A crevasse is a lot of ice formed by differential movement of the ice,’ he said.

‘They can be tens of metres deep. It’s one large slot, nothing unusual, but they are spectacular. It’s certainly not a UFO, though.’

He warned that crevasses can be quite dangerous and joked: ‘I’d much rather come across a UFO than deal with these things!’

He added that the dark area was likely to be a shadow, while the slight blue tinge was bare ice – which is ice without snow cover.

Faith Blinds The Wisest Man

UFO shaped crevasse in the antarctic iceAs I started out this article, wanting too much to find something can be bad for remaining objective. In this case I’m sure Mr Degterev really wants to have found a UFO in the Antarctic ice. But I’m going to say that he hasn’t.  It is a UFO shaped hole, simply enough.

Even in the face of reality he remained firm in his conviction.  ‘It is definitely not a polar station, nor a plane (as there aren’t any airplanes or helicopters this big in the world) he said.

‘There also aren’t any ships lost in Antarctica.

‘It seems this is a man-made object from the distant cosmos.’

If you disagree with my shooting this case down, drop a comment below and let me know what you think.  For now, this UFO case gets racked up to natural causes.

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