Sky Squid filmed from airliner

Mysterious Object Filmed From Jetliner

There are strange things that live in our skies. Not all are alien, but they are definitely at the edges of explanation, much like this entity filmed on a flight from Phoenix to Portland.

The video below was shot on a flight from Phoenix to Portland in March of 2019. The original video doesn’t offer a lot more detail than that.

At the height they are at, these are not going to be birds and I don’t know of any insects that swarm at this height. From the way it moves, it has a biological feel to it for sure. For that reason, some people have dubbed it a ‘Sky Squid’.

The extreme altitude also rules out the possibility of a kite or drone. Which leaves us wondering what this entity or object is. Possibly a swarm of some high-altitude insect the we don’t know about?

One person commented that it “is another plane on an intersecting flight path. For those wondering why you cant make out the shape of the plane, that’s because it’s too far, especially for a crummy cell phone camera.”

While I suppose this could be true, from looking at the video, it would have to have been a pair of objects, maneuvering in tandem, while at the same time leaving dark contrails. This seems unlikely.

What is this biological looking entity captured on video from an airliner

As I write this, it seems like our list of possible culprits to explain this is short:

  • Contrails
  • Birds
  • Swarming insects
  • Drone
  • Kite

The problem is that none of these seem to fit the profile of what we see in this video.

What do you think we are seeing? My bet is on an unknown species of high altitude insects.

Sky squid

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  1. What really puzzles me is that people no longer recognize an ordinary aircraft with contrails. I do believe that some objects seen in the sky are hard to identify. This is not one of them. UFO-Sweden has seen so many films like this and have learned to identify them by now.

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