What are Black Eyed Kids

Starting from one well publicized report of Black Eyed Children by Brian Bethel back in the late 90s, more are more reports of creepy children have started rolling in. This has many people looking for the answer as to what are Black Eyed Kids.  Black Eyed Children: Revised 2nd Edition History of Black Eyed Children […]

Are Black Eyed Children real?

Black Eyed Kids are super scary but are BEKs real? We get a fair number of Black Eyed Children reports but every else always asks the same question and that is ‘are Black Eyed Children real?’ This article will go over this question and try its best answer that question. What Are Black Eyed Children […]

/u/FatNDepressed Black Eyed Children Photo

In August of 2017, Reddit user FatNDepressed  got multiple alerts on his phone that something was triggering the motion sensor on his doorbell camera.  If you aren’t familiar with these, they are a doorbell with an automatic sensor in it that detects motion and starts taking photos.   What he saw when he checked the photos he took […]

Jon Northwood Black Eyed Kids Encounter In Portland

Back in 1998 Brian Bethel posted the very creepy Jon Northwood Black Eyed Kids encounter. The Northwood Black Eyed Kids report is particularly creepy as it was before the phenomenon of Black Eyed Kids had become widely known and was not long after Brian Bethel’s Black Eyed Kids encounter.  What follows is a transcript of  Brian’s […]

Black Eyed Kids Give Man Cancer

Bad Things Happen If You Let Black Eyed Kids Into Your House What exactly happens if you let Black Eyed Kids into your house? There is no hard evidence, only a handful of unverifiable reports.  This story about a couple letting Black Eyed Children into their house in 2015 and the resulting calamity is making […]

White Eyed Kids Terrorize Brothers But Then…

Reports Of White Eyed Kids Filter In With Reports Of Black Eyed Kids You may be familiar with “Black Eyed Children” or “Black Eyed Kids” (BEK), how they operate and the results of encounters with them.  But there is a phenomenon that is being reported along with them and that is encounters with “White Eyed Kids”. […]

BEK Encounter In The Night

Black Eyed Kid Near Miss This report of a Black Eyed Kid was sent in by one of our readers that identified himself as Justin It was about 5 years ago in my senior year of high school. It was a cold winter night in the middle of February. I had gone to go grab […]

New York Black Eyed Kid Encounter

A Black Eyed Kid Terrifies Man in New York This terrifying Black Eyed Kids encounter is a couple of years old, but is one of two that have come in recently from New York.  The setting is as you would expect.  He was home alone, and expecting someone completely different when he opened his front […]

Psychic Black Eyed Kids Encounter

Black Eyed Kids on the Porch I am sure with the sudden increase in awareness of Black Eyed Kid encounters, that we will see some teens trying to prank or hoax adults into thinking they have seen BEKs on their front porches.  But, there are always some stories that have elements that kids out having […]

Black Eyed Kids Encounter in Wyoming

Black Eyed Kids Harass New Homeowner Report Black Eyed Kid Encounters! Have you had and experience with the Black Eyed Children? If so, then we want to hear about it. Click on the link below to report your encounter with the Black Eyed Children and help spread the word about this phenomenon. REPORT YOUR BLACK […]